Wednesday, September 28, 2011


All this rain is getting worrisome. The trees can't possibly drink up all this rain, some of the smaller ones are losing their hold on the earth and falling down. Our weather has snapped. What happened? Is this some kind of major climate change? Will the precipitation this winter bury us?

The little building I work in is leaking in three places, parts of our parking lot were wading territory this afternoon, and there is now standing water in the backyards of our neighborhood. Since we live on a loop, and our backyards all come together, I can see four other backyards very easily. The one right in back of us has a decent pond now. The ducks will start migrating uphill, and proclaim our area a suburb of Creek Road. Creek Road will probably be completely closed tomorrow. I hate it when that happens.

Fall is supposed to be beautiful, and I hope that the rain will let up soon enough for us all to enjoy it. Okay, so The Apple Fest was cancelled for the first time ever this year, and so were the goat races I'd wanted to see, but--there's still time! The rain could stop, and things could dry up and perhaps the rest of fall will be delightful. It could happen.

If we get stuck inside our houses this early, way before winter comes, there will be a lot of crazy looney sick mean grumpy silly wacko people to deal with. I don't want that.

Why didn't I get a pair of galoshes?? I'm starting to think that they may be a necessity in these parts.


TLP said...

Let's go shopping for galoshes! There are some really cute ones ya know.

It's never going to stop raining. I can't even imagine it.

actonbell said...

*sigh* Kmart has some cute ones.