Thursday, September 29, 2011

Build a bridge and get over it.

Easier said than done. Why am I so easily annoyed lately? Did I get too accustomed to the tranquility at the beach? Is the weather getting me down?

I'm letting Calamity get under my skin. Oh, man, do I ever get annoyed.

Every morning, when she comes in, I know what the first five words out of her mouth will be:

I am like so hungry.... pop tart got like stuck in the toaster and I like didn't have time to get it out and like eat it so I like brought it with me

There's a different story every morning, but that's the only one I remember right now.

She invades my personal space, she speaks so loudly that I can't get away from her voice, and she asks me questions that I can't answer and I can't figure out what to say to make her go away...

Do you think that this yogurt is like still good? Cuz I had it like in the refrigerator for like two hours after the power like went out...she will find several ways of asking me the same random question--and then she won't even pay any regard to any response I come up with. But I must say something, because she will keep staring at me until I do.
Even when it's time for her to go home, she spends so much time saying her good-byes that I have trouble not becoming sarcastic. GO HOME, CALAMITY. NOW.

I often feel like I'm dealing with a small child. Today, she stood in the door of the drive-thru during her break, and while annoyingly smacking her food, started asking me questions about what I was doing. It reminded me of how our adorable next door neighbor kids used to run up to the fence and say, "whatcha doin'?" And we'd chuckle and say, "unloading the groceries." Now I find myself explaining to this mid-twenty-something that yes, I finished ATM settlement and yes, I will be doing coin machine settlement, but Wilma will be doing that other settlement.

Exciting stuff. Gets done every day. Now run along.

I'm such a bitch! Sure, other people notice this stuff, but I'm the one who seems to have the worst allergy to her.

Perhaps I'm turning into a grumpy old lady. Ah, but please save me from awful clothes...


TLP said...

LOL! Talk work to me! I love it.

You'll always be prettier and better dressed than the queen. No worries.

TLP said...

Such a good picture of the crow and the cat. Illustrates your point exactly.

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom:)