Friday, August 12, 2011

Same Old

A long-absent friend came through the drive-thru today, and I was happy to see her up and about again. She'd had back surgery followed by months of recovery and rehab, and now she's finally, slowly, working up to a normal daily routine. When she asked what was up with me, I said, I'm fine, ya know, same old. No big news. To this, friend replied that same old sounded wonderful. And it's so true, isn't it?

August has been almost painfully slow at work. Since I'm in the drive-thru most of the time, I could be quietly reading this book that has me captivated, since our new supervisor doesn't seem to have any problem with reading back there. Unfortunately, I'm often working with Calamity, and it's LIKE really impossible because she LIKE keeps asking me all these LIKE questions that have nothing to do with anything, or LIKE she already knows the answers to.

One thing new supervisor has had to enforce, in the drive-thru, is that we're no longer allowed to have a certain electronic device that starts with R and ends in O and used to keep Calamity LIKE a little less bored and a little, LIKE, less prone to talk about inane things. I'm sick of the word because Calamity complains about its absence, LIKE, every. day. She doesn't, LIKE, get over stuff. Oh, and there's, LIKE, drama and unfairness all around her, too. At least she, LIKE, saves most of that complaining for her friend Lorelei.

Can we lobby to remove a certain word from the English language? I'm LIKE so LIKE sick of it that I LIKE might start to LIKE actually act LIKE annoyed.

I'm not exaggerating this LIKEness, either. Oy. Vent over.

Now for something pretty:

The novel I'm reading now takes place mostly in Torshavn. I was only vaguely aware of these islands, I saw them once on The Big Blue Marble show when I was a kid. The world is a wondrous place, in places. More pictures of the Faroe Islands over there.

This is the weekend that we do the annual Acton & Ekim picnic-frolic thing for family and a few friends. AND I'm making a long weekend of it. Four days heavenly days as home-bound as possible, up to the same old stuff...good times!



Doug said...

That's, like, beautiful.

Enjoy your picnic. Save me some potato salad.

TLP said...

I'm LIKE recovering from the lovely picnic. Good times.

I loveLOVElove your work posts.

Bone said...

I went to the lake Sunday afternoon, spending one last quality weekend with summer before she leaves me again.

Same old is like totally underrated.