Friday, July 01, 2011

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Ah, yes, waiting for a long day to go by while chasing other rabbits. No, it doesn't keep me awake. Maybe it's because the rabbits are only imaginary rabbits. Or maybe my dogs are tired.

Either way, it's FRIDAY. And it's a long weekend. Maybe I'll get rowdy and daring and--go get some sparklers. Yeah, and champagne. Sparklers and champagne. While hula-hooping. Hmm, this calls for some interesting music.

This woman can really hula hoop, and I love the music.

Happy weekend, and good luck in July!


Quack Birder said...

Rabbit, rabbit! That's extreme hula hooping!

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit!

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit. Happy hooping and hopping.

Logophile said...

Missed the rabbits but hope it was good, and the 4th as well.

Love the pic of the Scrabble board down there, fabulous!

My honey won't play with me so it's been ages since I've had a go. Time to go visit my sister, I guess.