Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peas and Carrots

Writing with nothing to write about...what's the cure? Stealing a meme from someone else? Okay. I'm good at that. Can't I make up my own? No, no I can't. So, here goes.

Turkey or ham?

When I can, I avoid both. Turkeys, chickens, and geese are treated horribly during their short lives on factory farms, and I feel very, very bad about this. Meanwhile, pigs are simply too smart to be bred for meat. Poor Homer. That said, I've grown up eating and enjoying both types of meals, but now I call them guilty pleasures

Sweet or salty?

Salty. My sweet tooth seems to have taken a permanent hike. Sure, I still enjoy an occasional dessert, but I don't crave them. For instance, when someone brings donuts into work in the morning, or bakes a cake to commemorate a birthday, I do not feel the urge to eat them. This is strange, because it wasn't too many years ago that I walked into a Gertrude Hawks candy store to buy Ekim his birthday Smidgens and was self-conscious that maybe I might be drooling. It was the candy corn by the entrance that was bewitching me.

On the other hand, I ate so many Doritos one day during our Chicago trip that I might be off Doritos for awhile. It's best if I don't even start eating potato chips. There's no control there whatsoever.

Oceans or Mountains?

Oceans. duh

Jazz or pop?

It depends.

(doin' a great job with this meme, huh?)

Hardcover or paperback?

I like paperbacks. They're lighter and more comfortable to hold. As I've already said, I'm also Nooked, but that's not answering the question.

Truth or dare?

Truth. It's so much more flexible than a dare. You can underplay or exaggerate the truth, but if you're dared to do something, you have to do said something. I'm not good at being publicly silly, loud, or bizarre unless I've had too much to drink, but that might kill me at my age. So, "truth" it is.

M&Ms-peanut or peanut butter?

I don't care.

A one room library or books in every room in your house?

I have this romantic vision of living in a mansion with one huge library with one of those ladders that you need to reach the highest shelf from an bookcase that's embedded into the wall. Of course, with my housekeeping skills, the books would wind up everywhere, anyway.

Gum or breath mint?

Breath mint. Gum is annoying.

Painting or photograph?

If we're generalizing, I'd rather look at a gallery of paintings than a gallery of photographs--usually.

Spring or fall?

Fall. Spring is a cruel tease which only flashed us this year.

Past or future?

Future. I've forgotten so much about the past, and some of what I do remember is often embarrassing or painful.

Black or red?

I don't know. Usually black, I suppose.

Uncertain theory or absolute fact?

I'm less certain all the time that I know any absolute facts. I'd certainly prefer facts. (Obviously, my brain isn't processing this one very well.)

Donald or Daffy?

Daffy's more fun.

Okay, meme-urge over. Time to do something constructive with the day. I'd love to read your version of this meme!


Doug said...

Quack quack quack!

(How's that?)

actonbell said...

Very nice, Doug!

JAllgood said...

A nice meme! I'll have to try that sometime between my having cycling accidents, running injuries, and droning on my weight progess. AND WOW! I've managed to make a comment on Blogger moments! It cooperated for a change.

TLP said...

Turkey. Ham is okay. Pork chops are great.

SWEET and salty. First one and then the other, repeat.

Oceans. Double duh




Any kinda chocolate is good by me.

One room library that is magically self-dusting.

Gum. It annoys people.




Red and black look good together.

If there are facts, I'd like to know them.


actonbell said...

haha, Mom:)