Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Ah, another weekend, it always feels so good. I've been feeling especially tired of the same old same old.

Simple pleasures that someday I will have--time to just browse through stores, instead of going on a hunting trip. I wouldn't spend a fortune, honest, but there are things I could just--browse. How many types of rice are there? What types of gadgets can you find in the whatsit aisle in the grocery store? I'm a natural meanderer, and all this focusing is so hard.

I've decided that I need a new hobby. Nothing complicated or expensive, of course. Something I can do whenever I want, just like reading books and writing about books and shopping for books, except that it won't be about books, except for reference. And the new pastime will be loom knitting! I've watched it on YouTube and read about it online, and I've decided that this will be great fun. Meditation would also be good for me. Once I get good with the loom, perhaps I can do both at the same time.

Happy days are ahead!

The birds are loud, and next door neighbor's side door is open. That's a rarity. Bachelor is so mysterious, I hardly see him coming or going these many years, haven't seen his daughter visit, let alone his ex-wife. She kept the yard so beautifully. He's letting everything go. Haven't heard his poor neurotic dog lately, either. (She's a one-human kind of German Shepherd who would be barking hysterically if she could see that I had the nerve to be on my patio.)

Fireflies! Such interesting creatures. They are ground-huggers until it gets really dark, then they ascend like little floating points of light. Funny, I haven't paid them much attention in years.

Ekim and I played Scrabble this weekend, and despite the fact that I was gifted with all the s's and Ekim did not get a single bingo, he won. But it was a surprisingly good game. And when I'm playing Scrabble, I am an active and important participant, which is not something I get to be very often. (Score: 350 to 309, and I went out with OUT.)

No bats this year, or last. They must have taken such a chunk out of the local gnat population that they had to move one. But I'm getting bit up, as I sit out here on my new plastic chair that I got at Lowe's, an Adirondack style that's wide across the arms and does not fold. I bought two of them, not thinking about their dimensions compared to my car's. Hmm. So, I was outside, this crazy lady going through some weird gyrations with a couple of plastic chairs. Helpful Guy was delighted to figure this puzzle out, flip-flopping them and maneuvering them into my back seat. Impressive. Wow, I said, you can tell that I was never good at tangrams. It's possible that we made each other's day--or at least maybe it made his moment. It made my day. He laughed, you have to get them out. That turned out to be quite easy. And I'm enjoying them. Well, it. I can only sit on one at a time. As I say, they're pretty wide.

I came out here to read, and all I've done is run my mouth on paper (and the book has been quite engaging).

*In my last post, I mentioned a penguin that had recently made a migration mistake. Well, so have flamingos. Here is a very interesting story about how two flamingos, one in 2003, and the other the very next year, wound up in Siberia.


Doug said...

Loom weaving! I had a friend growing up whose mom did that. I think I won't have to feign enthusiasm this time.

actonbell said...

Actually, what I have in mind isn't really weaving--it really is a different form of knitting, using yarn. And you never have to pretend to be enthused:)

TLP said...

I never knew you had this thing goin' on in your head with looms! Cool beans.

You make everything sound interesting. I think you should WRITE.

Bone said...

G-U-V is a word? I'll have to add that to my mental list. I hate getting V's.