Monday, June 13, 2011


Copacetic. One of my coworkers came up to me today with this word scrawled on a piece of paper and wondered if I knew what it meant. Actually, I love this word. It's hardly ever used, which makes the heart grow fonder. There's something about the hard c and the exploding, breathless p followed by that soft, gently lisping c before everything ends hard again. I might be swooning.

Ekim and I actually went out to a bar together for the first time in a long while to see friends of ours play. It's been so long that their talent shook me. And the place
we were inhabiting that night was just dreamy. There were supposed to be storms, but they passed us by, leaving us with a perfect night. Lucky thing for us, for we'd parked a few blocks away.

My car was inspected for another year, and I rewarded myself for the stress of waiting for the prognosis and the agony of hard-chaired waiting rooms by purchasing another pair of sandals. I need, them, really, because they are black. How does anyone get by without basic black in their sandal collection?

And then, the weekend came to an end, but not before I'd added new music to my collection, podcasted all the weekend shows I'd missed while reading, and saw an excellent movie ("Fair Game", our latest Netflix picture).

Getting up to a pleasantly cool morning, with enough time to run before work, was a bonus. My schedule is all over the place, but today was so....copacetic.


Doug said...

Refined copaceticism!

Bone said...

I had to look it up, but I do love four-syllable words. Jambalaya! Casablanca! There should be a four-syllable word meaning "the love of four-syllable words."

actonbell said...

Refined copaceticism--perhaps something I could market?

Bone--that would be worth researching...I don't even know a synonym for the word syllable.

TLP said...

Ah. Life can be so good.