Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Winding Down

I adore this cuckoo clock, but every once in awhile, I forget to wind it for a day, and so it stops. Very predictable. What's not so predictable is the time at which is stops, which in turn affects how easily I get it going again; I don't want to be moving the hands all the way around the clock, chirping cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo for each and every hour if it's going to be too long a trip.

It's going again, and I'm happy, because it seems to me that April should be over by now. Not that I have anything against April. That didn't sound right at all, did it? But seriously, it seems like there has been some lagging going on, not that I want my life to get here sooner, but--well, it just feels like the world has too many browsers open at once, or something.

I should've dyed eggs this year. I love hard boiled eggs.


Nessa said...

I love the ticking of clocks. Some people find them annoying. I have an old clock that bongs and chimes but no one likes that but me.

Doug said...

It's a cruel month. That's funny about the clock doing the cuckoo thing while you set the time. I hadn't thought of that.

TLP said...

I like the clock...but the room isn't yellow. Why does it look yellow?