Saturday, April 09, 2011

Safe for now...

April 7's rally wasn't one of the big ones, only about four thousand people, but it felt good to be there. Of course the threat of a government shutdown overshadowed anything else that was going on. Our numbers were good enough, though, to be noticed. And as usual, the weather was much warmer than I'd expected it to be. That's a tradition! We always end up taking our clothes off. The pink t-shirts were distributed at the rally, so we all had a thin layer to add after taking off our coats.

I did get to go with a group and watch the lobbying of Sen. Toomey--or rather, his very very new intern. In a cafeteria. This young intern stated that she hadn't even had a chance to familiarize herself with all of his positions. It appeared to be a head-spinning, back to the wall, terrorizing few minutes for her, even though we were as polite as we could be to her. We all felt sorry for her.

We'd wanted to visit Sen. Casey, but it just didn't happen because time was too tight, and there were so many ahead of us--as I say, we were enough to be a crowd. While we were roaming the Dirksen Senate Office Building, we got lots of thumbs up and thank yous from government workers, and that was nice. The only anti-PP group was small, enemic, and outside. It was a very peaceful day and the hardest part was finding our way out of the building afterwards. It's a labyrinth, unless I'm really from Kansas.

During the rally, my favorite speaker was Sen. Barbara Boxer, though everyone was good. That's how I spent my day off.


What else is going on in my fast-paced, exciting life? Well, I subscribed to the Nook version of The New Yorker and I love it. It's just three bucks a month and keeps me in interesting diversions. In fact, it's a challenge to keep up with. I'm also still reading Wolf Hall, which yes is long, but is also being preempted by the new stuff. The TBR pile is reaching new heights.

There was a humorous piece in March 28's edition about something called Going Outside. I suppose I should do that, it's shaping up to be a decent running day...Have a great weekend, y'all!


TLP said...

Wish I could have gone. But your dad had two appointments that day. I hope you enjoyed it.

I hear that you were excited about Ed Harris being there. That's great.

Doug said...

Thanks for doing that.

Ariel the Thief said...

"We always end up taking our clothes off." I cannot picture a better rally for Planted Parenthood!

actonbell said...

Heh, M told on me:) I do have a picture that, if you view it on full screen, does kinds sorta prove he was there.

You're welcome, Doug. :)

Ariel, it does sound funny. And it's a shame that I never ever have faith that it will be much warmer down there.

Logophile said...

Good on ya! Harassing interns en mass is an awesome way to spend your day off, if you do it for a good reason

Love the caveman, I think that is the line my one grampa descended from.

TLP said...

I liked re-reading this post. I always see something I missed the first time.