Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't find the nap

I'm too tired to nap. The weather was so unusually loud last night, plus it was too warm to sleep with the windows closed--and we eventually had to close the windows. What a storm. A twister touched down in York County and there was flooding, damage, and loss of power in various parts of the area.

We did get some wetness in our basement, but other than that, we are unscathed, except for the lack of sleep.

The sun is actually out now, so let's hope we dry out!


Faycin A Croud said...

I always hate being too tired to sleep. It's one of life's worst dichotomies.

Nessa said...

I broke down and turned on the air on Monday because has been too humid to sleep and I get very cranky if I can't sleep.

We had some high winds and a thunderstorm yesterday but nothing to compare to all the tornadoes every where.

Doug said...

I needed a nap all day yesterday but only got to sleep at the usual time. I hope you got to sleep at the usual time. Or woke up in Oz.

JAllgood said...

Reading this makes me ready for a nap! I wish we had some of your warm weather. It's been snowing here today! Almost May and snow? But glad to hear you are all right and in one piece. Tornadoes can be scarey!

TLP said...

We gave up and turned on the A/C. Too soon for it, but I can't sleep in the heat. Of course, now it got cool again.

We were very lucky on the tornadoes. They are now confirming 5 in central PA. And Ski Roundtop is CLOSE!