Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Weekend Update

With the promise of spring, I'm looking forward to a warmer week. But first, just a glance back at the week that was--

In world news, Japan experienced the strongest earthquake in history, strife and war continue in Libya, and a poor farming family in Perry County lost seven children to a fire, and the Westboro Baptist Church is threatening to attend the funeral. There is plenty of sad news to remind me how trivial most things are.

That said, we've watched yet another amazing documentary: Inside Job, directed by Charles Ferguson, the one that won this year's Oscar for Best Documentary. It's riveting, darkly fascinating stuff that is guaranteed to make its viewers very angry, and it ends with the disturbing revelation that those who caused the 2008 meltdown are still in power, and no real progress has been made to bring back the regulations that were in place before the 1980's. Everyone should see this, especially young adults. I hope some of them are paying attention.

On a daily basis, though, most of us are paying closer attention to our own little pieces of the universe, which is quite natural. My own itsy bitsy speck of space-time is rather boring, which leads to the following work-a-day observation.

Coolerwoman doesn't usually come into our branch, but we've all heard about her. She's got a shopping cart with a cooler in it, but she hasn't necessarily been grocery shopping. What's in the cooler? An urn. An urn with her late husband's ashes inside. He's been gone for quite some time, at least several years. Why does she carry it everywhere she goes? Didn't spend enough time with him while he was able to walk around himself? Afraid some other woman's gonna steal her man? Is she thinking that any day might be the magical day that she's meant to spread him around?

Dunno. It's just in my SHAKE IT ALL AROUND box.

What's in my IN box? I'm reading a very different kind of mystery. I think it's a mystery. I'll try to explain Funeral for a Dog next week. I can say that I am enjoying the style very much, and am really looking forward to figuring out what, exactly, is eating Dirk Svensson...

In my OUT box, a $110.50 ticket for failure to stop at that stop sign down the street from me. Damn. Last night, as it grew dark, I was sitting in the living room, just about to turn on the lights, when suddenly the room appeared to be lit up by a disco ball and a loud siren was going off. Someone heading towards our house was being apprehended. We don't have drugs in this neighborhood, oh no, we have--stop signs. Three in particular, at the three-way down the road, and you'd best know that, if you intend to visit these parts.

And it's getting late for a Sunday afternoon, so I'd best get off the toosh and use it up...

So, how was your week?


Doug said...

My week was good, thanks. I was tempted to ask why the hell the Westboro scum were threatening to attend a funeral of seven children but I think I won't. Look forward to the next book review and have a lovely Sunday evening.

Ariel the Thief said...

We could use your policemen over here, on one hand ours have the clear idea of being bribed, on the other hand I see amazing things done on the roads day by day, and not one eager policeman is around.

actonbell said...

Doug, I'm glad to hear you had a good week. And I'll tell you, anyway. The Westboro weirdos have a one-track mind: all tragedies are God's punishments for our tolerance of homosexuality. Every single one of them.

Ariel, sorry to hear that. The world is so unbalanced in so many ways...hope you're having a good week:)

Logophile said...

I just has a friend here in town get nailed for a failure to stop (completely).
She got off the hook though.

TLP said...

Acton your township could make a lot of money at that particular 3-way stop sign. I've rolled through it many a time.