Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Wednesday of March

Almost April, the cruelest of months, except for this here March. It's been a long March, huh? But after tomorrow, it's over. OVER for another year.

Did I really just walk out to the mailbox in my winter coat and flip flops? The coat was to hide the ridiculous flannel pajama top, but it's also still cold out there. The flip flops feel like the best thing for my feet just now because I have an infected, swollen sore. I stepped on a splinter. That seems like an easy enough thing to do, except that I found this splinter inside, on our very smooth hard wood floor, and then I proceeded to develop this infection, which seems like the utmost in carelessness. That's ten days of anti-biotics, foot soaking, and ibuprofen for finding a hidden hazard.

I'm also coming off of lexapro after coming to the realization that it's no longer doing anything for me and I'd rather just stop taking it. After reading tons of horror stories on the 'net about nausea, dizzyness, headaches, shakes, etc, I'm relieved to find that apart from an occasional strange lightheadedness, the withdrawal is going very easily. Good thing the dosage was a small one.

Those occasional lightheaded feelings could also be the new contact prescription, but--probably not. And about that, things are getting trickier. Oh, to completely correct the weak eye, or not? For correcting the bad eye completely might detract from my close-up vision. However, I think the most important consideration is safety: when I'm in my car, backing out of a parking spot, I want to be able to look to my weak side and have enough sight not to hit someone's kid. Or some kid's adult. So I'm sampling a compromise.

Speaking of parking lots, I can sit in the Barnes and Noble parking lot and use their WiFi just as well as if I were sitting in the store. This is wonderful, since they are just a hop skip jump away from my workplace, so I can pack my lunch, sit in their parking area, and sample or shop on my Nook.

And not to worry. I'm careful in the shopping center's tight lot, honest.


Karen said...

I love the The Ministry of Silly Walks skit. It even has its own entry on Wikipedia!

actonbell said...

Karen, I am fascinated by all things Monty Python.

And I really want to know how in the heck this parking lot picture was taken. Hard to believe it's real.

Doug said...

I think it's fake, Actonbell. The volvo should be showing the weight of the Honda, right?

Faycin A Croud said...

I tend to suffer with severe depression in the spring because I can't do anything like normal people, including having SAD in the WINTER MONTHS! Stupid me!

actonbell said...

Ah, that's true, Doug, and that carrotted car looks so much like its one neighbor.

Faycin, the spring is a tease, though. At the risk of sounding redundant, it really does promise so much more--something--than it ever delivers. I need to train myself to just be happy that it's not freezing anymore.

TLP said...

Ah spring! I'll love it. If it ever comes this year.