Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch My Eye

Ekim sent this video to me. It's the rabbits that made him do it. Lagomorph facination can be found everywhere, I suppose. This is really very cool.

There are some technically smart people out there, doing such interesting and wonderful stuff, but meanwhile, outside the science labs, there are also people causing social turmoil. The more I read about Wisconsin Mayor Walker's attempts to end all collective bargaining rights for unions in his state, the angrier I get. Of course the unions will have to bargain to accept some financial concessions, and they will cooperate, as long as they have the basic right to do so. And threatening to call out the national guard? This protest has been peaceful. Governor Walker's engagement of the national guard shows a complete disregard for the simple right to a peaceful protest.

And then there's the defunding of Planned Parenthood. It's incredibly short-sighted to end funding for birth control, health care for poor women, and STD testing. And by the way, plenty of men visit Planned Parenthood clinics to obtain STD testing and the free condoms. This is a sad mistake.


It's no wonder that people need their constant sources of escapism, and there's plenty of white noise to go around: email, texting, iphone apps, facebook, insipid TV. Oh! According to my latest Entertainment Weekly (my only hope of keeping up with um, culture), the upcoming pilot season will include Civil War vets, Playboy bunnies, Edgar Allen Poe (as a detective?), and Wonder Woman. Yeah, let's keep those heads off current times and anything very serious, folks.

How'd you like the video? Cool, huh?


Doug said...

Very cool, and I'm afraid the Poe series captured my attention. Bringing together a Poe detective story with the situation in Madison, do you think maybe the governor of Wisconsin will turn out to be an orangutan?

actonbell said...

Doug, that's an excellent idea! And yes, despite the historical wrongness, I suppose a Poe series might be interesting.