Monday, January 17, 2011

peas and carrots

As usual, I've forgotten what this was going to be about. A holiday postmortem, Or my Nook? Factoid: In the United States, anything published (in the US) prior to 1923 is public domain, which to me means that some of the best things in life are, yesindeedy, FREE. So far, I've read the first book in the Anne of Green Gables series by LM Montgomery, which was quite enjoyable, and Tinkers, by Paul Harding, which was last year's Pulitzer winner. Tinkers is a beautifully written short novel, but it surprises me that it won such an enormous prize.

Last day of a three day weekend. Didn't get anything accomplished, as usual. I'm napping way too much. In fact, I'm stiff from so much proneness. My random thoughts are, oh, I should get that song on iTunes! It would be good for the treadmill. Ever since the cruise, I've been habituated to the treadmill. And now I can't remember the song I wanted. Drat. Don't have much to do, but it fills my time. It's already midmorning, and happiness today is being days and days behind on LOL cats. It's a mystery, how I seem to have no time and all the time in the world.

Oh, yeah! I wanted Bad Reputation, by Joan Jett. They never play that one on the radio.

Other people are out there, snow tubing, skiing, snow shoeing, but I'm in here, hiding. Sleeping. Not even getting much reading done. It's really quite pathetic. Perhaps I'll buy some new tunes, put them on my iPod (I'm attached to my iPod), and run laps around a nearby development. So much for those really long, rambling runs I used to take. That's years behind me, now. I really should get out of the house. It's cold, but I got all these clothes. It'll be refreshing. And when I'm done, I can come in and take a hot shower and sit around again. It's a plan.

Meanwhile, the squirrels are out there, effortlessly chasing each other up and around trees and across the yard. Not a care in the world.

It's easy for me to see beauty out there, it's just hard to get out in it. But--here I go...

*Above picture found here.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


Doug said...

I'm just reading your blog. That's pretty good too.

I have all the Sherlock Holmes stories on my phone. That's fun.

actonbell said...

I downloaded some Sherlock Holmes, too. They are a newer discovery for me:)

Rose LeMort said...

Some of the best things in life are indeed free! H.P. Lovecraft isn't, because Arkham House owns the rights to his work. But they're pretty amenable about giving permission to use his stuff as long as you credit them. Which is good because I use a lot of Lovecraft's creations in my stories!

Nessa said...

Sometimes it's good to just completely relax. That's what winter is all about.

I have a kindle and it makes reading so much faster for me. I get through so many more books.

Bone said...

Don't have much to do, but it fills my time.

Great line.

I dated a girl once who said I never planned anything. I said, "I do, too. I plan to sleep late on Saturdays." :)

And I don't think I could ever get tired of snow pics.

actonbell said...

Hi, Rose! Hope everything's all good.

Nessa, I do think having an ereader is helping me read faster. For one thing, I can puff up the font:)

Bone, that line isn't really mine, but I find it fits me, so often:) Snow pics are pretty, but I don't want it outside my window.