Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting on with it

Woohoo! We're almost done with January. It's reassuring that spring is ever closer, even if the snow is pretty. It will soon be easier for me to get outside, especially during my breaktime at work. We have a new teller who is inspiring a powerful and wondrous motivation in me to get out of the building for as much of that hour as I can.

Ah, yes, Dirigible has been with us a few months now, and she's never been in any danger of losing altitude. During her first few weeks, I didn't work with her much, but I did hear her. All over the building. The words BIRTH CONTROL kept wafting out into other rooms. Now that I work with her, she's moved on to MY STOMACH. It's not my wish to be mean-spirited, I do wish her well and hope that whatever problems she is having are diagnosed and treated, and not just because I'd like less scatological stuff in the conversation. Dirigible will always be an incessant, loud chatterbox because that's the way she is. Unfortunately, she also seems to be hard of hearing; she's waitressed in several nightclubs and bars during the last two or three years, and that can't be good for anyone's ears. I get to work with her in the drive-thru quite a bit, and I do wish she didn't sing along to the radio; she's comically off-key as well as loud.

Remember Lily Thomlin on Laugh-In, the way she'd just start talking, changing topics, going on and on and on without even taking a breath in between? Make that a bunch of decibels louder, and that's what I'm talkin' about. She went from the pain in her stomach to her birthday to what she ate and how it came out to how she doesn't so much like having a winter birthday to how most people in her family are born in September to listing every single birthday in her immediate and extended family and--

I forgot to mention the work LIKE. At this point, I have lost her thread, but I am trying to count how many times she uses the word LIKE in a minute. Don't worry; she doesn't notice me glancing at my watch. And sorry; I lost count. I'm pretty sure that if it were possible to bleep out the LIKES, we'd be able to sink Dirigible. Perhaps. Theoretically. In an alternate universe, where we could do that.

She's actually a sweet person, and I will rot for writing this....

Our latest Netflix (as in last night) was Winter's Bone. It's one powerful but sad movie. The young actress Jennifer Lawrence was impressive in her role as Ree, an Ozarks teenager who is left to take care of her two younger siblings and her depressed mother while her father is in jail. To make matters worse, she learns from the local sheriff that her father has put their house and land, everything they own, up as collateral for his bail. And his trial is getting close and no one knows where he is. Ree shows herself to be tough, brave, and smart as well as desperate. She has been handed a life in which she doesn't have much of a chance, but there is no self-pity in her. She soldiers on. It's a film that deserves to do well at The Oscars.

On the subject of entertainment, one of my young coworkers, SweetNerd, has this app for his iPhone that's pretty funny. I immediately thought that sister 3D would love this, but then I thought better of that; she could hyperventilate and die. Talking Tom will repeat anything you say.

SweetNerd also has an incredible music library on his phone, and when he plays old songs from the 70's and 80's, he'll ask me, "have you ever heard this one?" (Um, yeah). It's funny because he's always asking in earnest--really, he's not joking. He thinks that it's possible that I could have totally missed hearing Prince, Boy George, or Madonna. The other day, when Dirigible was trying to sing along with Boy George and it sounded something like Corna corna corna killi-iiion, you come and goo OoooooooOoo..., he misread my expression and said, "you don't know Boy George?"

By George, it's time to get on with the day! Cheerio folks, I hope your weekend has been fun!


Logophile said...

You don't THIS one??


Oh dear,
you tell the best stories.
I feel badly for enjoying them as much as I do since you have to live through them to share them,
but you DO tell the best stories.

Doug said...

Wonderful post.

At my pet store, there used to be a clerk, maybe 20 who had discovered Def Leppard and Ratt, et al. Hoo boy. As the bard had it, what comes around goes around- round and round!

TLP said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear. I just love your posts.

Bone said...

A wonderfully-woven humorous post. Dirigible doesn't refer to herself only in the third person does she? I think that could really add to her... what did you call it... inspiration :)