Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pretty Cocky

Everytime we visit Key West or any of the islands, I'm reminded of the funny childhood notion I had that roosters only crow at daybreak. Of course, in reality, they only start crowing at daybreak, after which they never shut. up. until they drop off into a fowl dreamland.

This guy lives on Coco Cay, and I suppose my staring brought him struckin' right up to me (she wants me), so I took his picture. They do pose.

This guy lives in Key West. He looks a little scrawny. All the faster when crossin' the road (out of boredom, I suppose).

Here is a really good rooster joke:)
This one isn't bad, either.


Doug said...

Pretty good one with the buzzards. Everything I ever thought about roosters I repented when first I met a macaw.

TLP said...

I'm a bit afraid of roosters. My Aunt Hexie had a mean one.

Glad you had a good cruise, glad you're home for XMAS.

TLP said...

That Kenny. VERY funny!

TLP said...

The rooster on the video is amazing. It's no wonder he's so hoarse. Never saw anything like it!

JAllgood said...

Welcome Back!

That Rooster video is a HOOT! (Or should I say a hoarse CROW?):-)

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas~!

Faycin A Croud said...

When I was a child we raised chickens. The hens laid eggs and we sold them at the farmers' market. Many of the roosters ended up being dinner, but we kept a couple as pets. Bill ended up being stew because he attacked my two year old brother, knocked him over and pecked him repeatedly on the head. He also chased me around the yard. Pete was a big gentle white rooster. Unfortunately a fox got into the chicken yard and mauled him and my father had to shoot him so he wouldn't suffer (he was mortally wounded.)
I think I would only have hens at this point if I could have livestock. Nothing against the roosters, but from the hens I'd get eggs!