Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday and stuff

Lots of us think a lot about decluttering. Neglected clothes, forlorn books, worn-out appliances, games we never play anymore, unwanted jigsaw puzzles, and odd parts of stuff we can't even identify. Leftover paint, stained towels, paraphernalia of dropped hobbies. Knick-knacks that no longer know love or purpose. All these items now live in the basement or attic of our houses and minds.

Someday, though, there will be less clutter. We'll have all our music stored on computer and Ipods, and read the latest books on a Kindle or some such electronic device. Oh, but wait--books and music are my favorite parts of clutter. In fact, I'm not sure I'd call them clutter.

Well, okay, okay, if it's not the least bit organized, then it's just wrong. But of course our music and books are organized. I had nothing to do with this, of course.

But one part of our clutter is old photo albums, and this collection has not grown in quite awhile because we don't bother printing anything. We just POST it. And I thought CDs were so much more compact that LPs, but now we don't really need to buy those, either, if we don't wanna. iTunes has everything. And board games? I'd bet those sales have gone down, down, and down since video games became a national obsession.

Modern technology (computers) have freed up our files and shelves. What will we do with our new found space?

Well, look what happened: it took me so long to finish this little entry that now it's Mike's birthday! And speaking of stuff, he got a really big new (OLD) magic book for his collection, and he is busy consuming it as I type. He also got Jack-o-lantern smidgens in whatever dark chocolate flavors I could find, since they are on a fantastic sale right now. Mike adores a good sale, and this particular one has become a tradition.

There's always room on the shelf for another book.


Doug said...

Hey, happy birthday, Mike! May it be an alphabetical and indexed one!

Ariel the Thief said...

That is one amazing room. Happy Birthday to Mike! (I enjoyed the photos of the previous entry.)

Jocelyn said...

The nice thing about trying to "organize" beer is that it's consumable and goes away before you ever have to deal with it. Now, if only that room would sort itself so easily...

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday, Mike.

I have a Kindle but I will never give up books.

And my room would also include various art supplies.

Nessa said...

Oh and you can make wine out of almost anything.

Bone said...

You always find such great pics. I google image'd "cluttered room" and nothing compared to your pic. Where do you find this stuff? ;)

actonbell said...

Oh, it is, Doug!
It certainly is, Ariel--it needs match;)
Cheers, Jocelyn! I love beer.
Nessa, I will eventually love a Kindle even more than my Ipod, I know.
Bone, I just persistent. Thanks:)