Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The more I try to get some sleep, the more tired I am. Those who are loaded with energy are the ones who seem to use it all up. This is not as ironic as it seems, at first. It's the constant motion that trains one to have more stamina. I've been trying to lose my stamina with all this lying around, and I've been pretty successful.

Work. A boring vent for another day.

Taking an aimless run in a different place, where I have no mental mile markers is liberating. Just me, different scenery, and my watch. Time is all. It really is. My god. And the absence of mile markers is liberating because it frees me from confronting how much slower my body is moving these days. It's really not important.


In bookish news, Mom recommended a book to me which I enjoyed, called The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry. I read it without knowing anything about it, I didn't even read the dust jacket. It's my way of having a little magical mystery tour, and little did I know, but this was a mystery. What's a lace reader? Someone who can tell fortunes by looking into lace. That's the short answer, and only the backdrop of this story. Brunonia Barry has created a unique and page-turning story that I quite enjoyed. Thanks, Mom:)


Our bookgroup had an unusually long and stimulating conversation over Riddley Walker that made me want to read it again, sometime.

We also had a very nice get together at a friend's Halloween party, and I got to spend time with Casey, a formerly abused pitbull Deb and Steve adopted from the Humane Society. They asked for the nicest dog no one wanted, and they came home with this loveable lady. She is a bit anxious and sometimes skittish, but you have to adore her, even during her funny moods.
Here's looking at you, Casey!


Nessa said...

The puppy is so cute.

You have way more energy than me. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

I saw that book somewhere and wanted to add it to my list.

TLP said...

Love the picture of you as a flapper. Why did Mike pick no. 43 for his costume? The answer to life and everything is 42.

I realize that I do know Deb! You've always told me that I did, but I'm old ya know.

JAllgood said...

Good book! I read that one in two days; a definite page turner.

Cute dog! And I also love the flapper outfit.

Doug said...

It seems to me that Casey needs a costume to go with yours. Walela is also skittish. I think that's puppy autism.

Running in new scenery sounds good. I'm headed this morning to Portland where I really enjoy walking my mother's black lab in strange places. Portland is mostly strange places.

actonbell said...

Nessa, I'd never heard of this book before. I need to get out more:)

Mom, I bought that jersey for Mike a long time ago, and I don't remember why.

J'all, I thought it was quite a page turner, too!

Doug, Casey did have a costume at first,but I can't remember what it was--something from SNL...She was a trooper. And I've always wanted to see more of the Northwest. Have a nice visit with your mother and her lab:)

Bone said...

I always feel more tired if I just lie around all day.

I like those adventure type runs, too. And I'm definitely not getting any faster.

tsduff said...

Nice job over at Doug's - you must feel honored to have been a part of the last story. You can see I'm having a bit of a time letting go. Cute pup.