Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day is done.

Day is done, always too soon. I wanted to read more, meant to play more, perhaps even write of whatever thoughts crossed my mind today. Ah, but they were fleeting, and those thoughts are done with me, too. Day was fast this time, and it's foretold that tomorrow will be, too.

There are get togethers to tell about, pictures to show, books to comment on, but the fact is, I'm beyond sleepy right now. It seems that I can't get enough of that drug called snoozing, and it's worse lately, perhaps because of the change in weather and the encroaching darkness. There is hard-core yawning going on, over here.

So, good night for now. Sweet dreams, everyone. Wake up refreshed for the middle of the week.


Nessa said...

The days go fast once I leave work. That picture is so pretty.

I just got done reading A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. HBO is making it into a mini series. Read very fast for such a large book.

Doug said...

Oh, boy, Yesterday was long for me. Today will be long for me. Tomorrow will be long for me. This is a long week. 10 days at least.

Good morning!

TLP said...

I was a strange day for me.

I don't remember dreaming at all.

Wonderful post, as usual.

tsduff said...

I found myself with the same dilemma - day over too soon, tired, spent... not enough space in the day. Your picture is awesome - love it.

Bone said...

Probably one of the most common thoughts I have is: "Where did the evening go?"

Seven o'clock still holds so much hope and promise. Eight is OK, but nine's not far away. And by ten, I'm unable to get anything accomplished because I've convinced myself I don't really have the time so what's the point to even try.