Sunday, October 03, 2010

(I don't have a title for this. Sorry)

I don't like these doors. Please take them back. That flat light blue is not what I had in mind at all. And those shapes--what inspires them? They do not please me at all.

A door should be less loud without being silent. A door should be dignified. I like doors that let a bit of light in without letting all privacy out. It's not that I'm doing anything shameful in here, but I'd rather not let everyone who happens to be walking their doggies past our house (a goodly population) that I'm still in my pink flamingo pajamas. Especially the one who would probably think it rude if I saw Boof and Daisy and did not come out to say hello. Sometimes, I just don't wanna step out.

Our door doesn't let in any light, it's just a plain-as-could-be door, but that might be more appropriate because of the large picture window immediately to the left of it (if you happen to be looking out, that is). That reminds me, the sheers really do need to be replaced. Serena, in her younger days, did some major alterations to those poor curtains. Our guests probably notice this and wonder why the resident female never takes a break from being a space cadet long enough to replace them.

Perhaps I'd like something different...but in any case, I do need to get out of my pajamas. It's really nice, out there.

Happy beautiful Sunday! (And don't hesitate to disagree about those doors. Perhaps I'm just not in the mood.)


TLP said...

I just love your stream-of-thought writing. It's like you. Interesting. Fun. Pretty.

On the plain door at your house: yes, since you have that large picture window, having windows in your front door would be overkill I think.

I cannot imagine living behind those blue doors in the picture. Even worse would be living across the street from them!

Doug said...

I don't see the point in having nice drapes in space.

Bone said...

Doors. They're letting people in, keeping people out. It's no wonder they sometimes get confused.

actonbell said...

Good point, Mom. It's nice that no one had to live across from those powder blue poodle shutters that used to live two doors down...

Doug, drapes are pretty, not pointy.

LOL Bone:)