Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Take Heart

This is just rushing the season! People already have trouble enjoying fall because of the dread of winter being around the corner, without posting something like this. Wait--is that a butterfly caught in the center? Ah, this is one of those whorley-gig things that was put up to look pretty and decorative in the summer and was never taken down. A vestige.

It's also a very pretty picture, really, of a snow that's just fallen. It won't stay so clean and pretty, so by all means, take the picture. It'll last forever.

I didn't do much with my weekend, I must admit, but I did throw out a few things, especially old calendars that were there to remind me of how much I used to run (tempo runs, quarter mile repeats, long runs...did I really, honestly do all that, follow a--routine?) and accuse me of doing exactly what I am doing now. And I moved around some knick-knacks (it's more fun to say that if you pronounce both k's) to make more room for books, and they are a very literal vestige of where I've been and what my tastes have been. Now they are in the basement. Yep, there's a flamingo shelf down there to cheer me on when I'm using the treadmill. All those flos in my fan crowd.

Obviously, they can't hand anyone a cup of water or any jellybeans, but I was never good at consuming stuff while running, anyway. But they are festive.

Flamingos: there's something retro about them, but they remain popular.

I suppose I was going somewhere with that, but--


Doug said...

I have to say what TLP said on your last post. I really, really enjoy your stream-of-consciousness writing.

Also, my verifier is "apendmic."

Doug said...

Also, I like that you are posting more, but I won't expect it to continue. I take a very zen pleasure at your blog.

TLP said...

Ohhhh goodie! Another post! I love it.

I love your writing.

actonbell said...

*blush* Thank you, Doug & Mom:)

tsduff said...

Crap - Doug never says anything like that at my place.

Personally, I love your flamingos. Did you know they are pink because of the krill (pink shrimp) they eat?

actonbell said...

Terry, yes, I've heard about that. The ones we see on vacation must be fed very, very, well!