Friday, October 01, 2010

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Good luck in October, everyone! I'm still reeling from the fact that summer is over, and now it's October. Sometimes life goes whoooosh.

The way time soars seems sinister. Time might be sinister. The days go by, one after another, until it seems that I've just been floating along, not fully present. My dreams are so mundane that they blend into my waking life. Sleep walking, sleep floating, sleep drifting.

Sweet dreams in October!


Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Cute Halloween bunnies.

The second pictures is sinister.

I had one of my recurring dreams last night - verging on a nightmare.

TLP said...

"The way time soars seems sinister." I love that line. Consider it stolen.

Rabbit Rabbit!

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

PANSI!!!!!! said...

WELL!!!! I sap-POSE that the leest I can do is to wish you a RABBIT RABBIT!!!!! But I will have you no that I am RELUCK-tant to speek to any boddy who keep's the compannee of a JALE BIRD (or JALE BUNNY) and a PUMKIN WORSHIPPER!!!!!!

actonbell said...

LOL, Pansi!