Monday, October 04, 2010


When I was a kid, making collages was probably my favorite crafty-artsy activity, because I wasn't crafty or artsy. My collages tended to look pretty much like everyone else's, that is, as good as everyone else's, so there was no stress involved, just fun. Of course, I never moved beyond classifying things. That is, all my collages had a very simple theme. I never chose my collage's elements because of aesthetic reasons because--I'm not artsy. My collages were merely collections of images that I had categorized in some kind of cognitive way that had nothing to do with how they were going to look together.
The above collage goes a bit beyond that. Yes, it's all about words, but not just any words. It's distinctively feminine. It has pieces of composition and textbooks, pieces of stationery, and even the moon. La Luna. It evokes thoughts of reading love letters at night, or simply dreaming of them. There are memories of someone's schoolgirl days involved in this collage.
Funny, I haven't thought about collage in such a long time, but when they are thoughtfully done, they are something to contemplate.
Happy Monday.


TLP said...

I've never been a big fan of collages. The one in the picture is a nice one. I've never made one. Not ever. Interesting.

Your craft is words. And style. You have great clothes sense--that's a craft.

Doug said...

That collage looks like satire to me a little bit. Maybe it's a rorschach test, too.

actonbell said...

You NEVER did a collage, Mom? That's interesting.

Doug, it might be. After all, it's what you see in it:)

tsduff said...

I just love your collage. I used to enjoy making them - though not for a long, long time. They allow the maker to express themselves.