Monday, October 18, 2010


It's been a long time since I've played Next Blog, and boy, have things changed. Facebook is to blame, surely, for all the random-type blogs, such as this one, to have become almost extinct. Now, it seems that perhaps 80% of all blogs are baby blogs, which are only interesting if you know or have an interest in the featured baby. There are still some poetry blogs, and some book blogs. I stumbled upon one that I'd never seen before and it caught my eye because this blogger has already read 100 books this year. Then I saw her list, and thought--she reads a lot of really bad stuff, but still! She read 100 books. None of which would appeal to me, though, so--next!

Trading Spaces: Goldfish Bowls. Gee, fellas, the water in the next bowl really isn't any cleaner. Of course, if your bowlmate is driving you nuts, well, he's driving you nuts. Hopefully, there really are lots of fish in the sea. Too bad you're not there.

Seriously, though, when two goldfish just trade bowls like this, they are actually trading lives. Yes, life looks pretty much the same in both bowls, but it does matter who one is sharing it with. The only other difference might be a very small change in perspective, physically. Perhaps the one on the left sees a bit more sunlight. This may or may not be important to one's mood.

The above fish are murmuring something--ah, yes, I must be tired, or restless, to even be speculating about their business. For all I know, they leap from bowl to bowl on a dare or just for excitement every once in awhile. Don't we all do pointless things for a bit of fun?


TLP said...

Interesting post.

There's splash evidence in the bowl on the right that suggests that the fish in that bowl just arrived there. So maybe the lefthand bowl was too crowded, and they decided to be two and two instead of four-to-a-bowl?

Yeah, one's bowlmate can be crazymaking. Fer sur.

Doug said...

Two goldfish sharing a bowl
In full view of a dog
"Cat's will eat you but at least won't howl"
"Can't you leave it for your blog?"

Blooming Psycho said...

I miss the random type blogs too.
I once had a goldfish that jumped out of its tank and battered itself--no joke. I had made bread and the bowl was soaking in the sink. I went out for awhile. When I came back, the fish was lying in the yeasty, bready bowl, dead. I felt bad, but on the other hand I couldn't help chuckling a little. What an ironic death for a fish.

JAllgood said...

I SO blame Face Book for the blogs that are random, and I also blame it for killing some good potential blogs too. 100 books in a year, huh? I've noticed I've been reading faster with the Nook but NOT that fast! I only saw a fish jump once to it's death. The poor fish was trying to dogde a black evil killer angel fish that I shouldn't have put in the fish tank in the first place. oh, well-- hindsight is 20/20! I love the picture and the thought though!

Bone said...

Facebook killed the blog star.

I enjoyed the bit of goldfish philosophy.