Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

While reading the Harry Potter books, I was fascinated by the idea of an enchanted mirror* that would allow the bearer to see his heart's desire reflected back at him.

Would the reflection always be the same, or would it change every day? Would I be surprised? Perhaps, like Ron Weasley, I'd simply be more popular. I've always had this fear that I am overly annoying, a bit odd, and say all the wrong things. Or simply seem stupid. But then again, that is IF people really give me a second thought while they're brooding over all their own conversations.

Those little pills I take do make it easier to sail through the day without feeling too much angst about all the little signals I'm misinterpreting, anyhow. It allows me to get on with it while others misinterpret my behavior.

*mirror of erised


Doug said...

To say the wrong thing, don't you have to speak?

TLP said...

*sigh* Everyone likes you. Ya know? You are not the least bit annoying. And a part of your charm is that you don't talk all the time.

Blooming Psycho said...

Blogger is being so rude! I just wanted to say that the mirror room is my worst nightmare, and that there is nothing about you that seems even remotely annoying. :-)

Blooming Psycho said...

Me again. I wanted to thank you so kindly for being so supportive and to let you know that I'm okay. I wanted to explain a little about me. I have comorbid mental illnesses: bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder plus an attachment disorder of some sort. The borderline personality disorder combined with the attachment disorder causes situations like I described to be far more difficult for me than they are for most people. But I'm doing fine now and it's thanks to the kindness of people like you--which gives me a little hope in humanity. May whatever powers there may be bless you for being who you are, and if there aren't any, than I simply wish you the best of luck!

tsduff said...

If you were my teller - I would be thrilled.

actonbell said...

Thank you for kind words, BP and Terry:)

Logophile said...

Hee hee
my word veri is impress,
very fitting, because you do.

I can't speak for your 3-D deportment but I've never seen you set a digital foot astray and I can't imagine it being any different in real life.
Unlike some people I could mention, like the redhead who took her child to a bowling alley and managed to use the word "retard" in conversation with a friend while sitting 10 FEET from a group of bowlers with Down's Syndrome, DOH!

actonbell said...

Logo, that woman is...something else. Yikes.