Friday, October 15, 2010


At first, I thought this was a bad firewall, but then it struck me that perhaps it's more like an orange praying mantis coming through a fissure in a wall. Who am I to tell?

And Boo! It's the Ides of October, already. I like October, and it's running away.

Et tu, Bon Peep?
(Et you is right.)


Doug said...

For good wholesome fun, you can't really beat a peeps snuff film, can you?

TLP said...

That Doug!

Seriously, I haven't eaten a peeps rabbit ears off in years. I had no idea that they bled red. Sad. Really sad.

On the fire wall... don't touch that.

actonbell said...

haha, Doug.

and, I won't, Mom:)

tsduff said...

I love the fire... was there bbq in the making?

... but the grisly peeps are a bit freaky. I could never stomach them.

Ariel the Thief said...

There's nothing like a good snuff movie, huh? I had no idea the Ides of October comes with axe and blood, the closing of the end of the year must make some people really excited.

nobod - nobody in my bob

actonbell said...

I know what you mean, Terry:)

LOL, Ariel. I'm reaching, here.

Bone said...

October is underrated. I like it, too, though I don't think I've ever verbalized that (or typed it). We get so little what I consider fall weather here.