Saturday, October 02, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

After the rain, what a beautiful fall day! The creek is back up, but not flooding over the road. All is green, the leaves are still green, not yet turning. Sun shines right through the thin green skin, drying all. A lazy day off, the newspaper, the computer, a book, more books, some music, a laugh, some soup, strong coffee, a nap, anyway. A blue sky, a brilliant day that comes peeping through the windows, insuppressible, unstoppable, a formidable force. A magnet.


Nessa said...

It is so wonderfully gorgeous today. I'm going to try out my telescope tonight.

Your picture is so beautiful.

Doug said...

I could stay in bed. Formidable forces need immovable objects.

TLP said...

Lovely post. Lovely day.