Saturday, August 21, 2010

August Feast, Fast, and Furious

August is cruising on by, but it's been a fun month. I feel like I've rolled in some pretty good stuff.

Last night, in honor of Ekim's parents' 50th anniversary, we went to a quaint restaurant called Alfred's Victorian.

This is Middletown, which derives its name from the fact that it's midway between Lancaster and Carlisle, along the old stage coach road. Alfred's is located in a neighborhood which looks to have had an intriguing past. This is usually a quiet area, but it wasn't so much last night, but--I'll let Mom tell you about that! Anyway, now that everyone has an Addams Family earworm... here are some photos of the special night.

The top picture is Ekim with his parents, Bob and Sharon, the ones who have been together for half a century, and below that, their happy granddaughters, Amanda and Sarah, who are visiting from Minnesota.

The food and company were wonderful, of course. Bob and Sharon had just been to the shore with Amanda and Sarah and we got to hear about their week and catch up with all the other news. In addition, Niks (my dad) came back from a trip to the gent's and reported that the men's room was girly. So, of course TLP (my mom) had to check it out. The women's room isn't nearly this interesting.

Ah, that kind of girly. Sort of like pinups, Victorian style. Okay, one more picture, this time of the bar--

Those Victorians. The house really is a museum, and the staff are truly happy when people come to see them. It's an excellent place, all 'round, and so if you ever find yourself in the area, do ring. If you beat us there, and the weather's nice, walk around the place, check out the herb garden, and relax on the patio--as long as the neighbors aren't being too--eccentric.

We shall spend one more evening with Amanda and Sarah before they leave tomorrow morning.

I'm signing off for now, but am leaving a strong hint for TLP to post something, already. (She can't claim not to have seen something fairly whacky last night!)


TLP said...

It was a wonderful evening!

By "something fairly whacky" I'm guessing you don't mean the part about my going into the men's room to take that picture.

I'll think about the really wacky guy. I should have taken a picture of him!

Doug said...

TLP, I think you have a story to tell, now spill.

Nessa said...

That restaurant looks like my kind of place. I'm going to see if I can find it the next time I'm in the area.

I'm voting for a TLP story.

JAllgood said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!

I'll HAVE to put that restaurant on my list to visit... I LOVE places like that!

Thanks for sharing!

Quack Birder said...

Great pictures. Wow, that place is really cool looking!

Bone said...

This should really be commented 'neath the post below, so I have no idea why I'm putting it here. But I found anothe story starter link:

tsduff said...

Oh rats... we were just driving through Carlisle last night! Unfortunately we were on a mad dash to Washington DC to catch a plane so didn't even have to time to stop, but we did ask Doug if you lived nearby. This is absolutely beautiful country!

Logophile said...

1. I love that TLP went in the men's room for a pic. That is pure awesomeness.
2. That place looks amazing
3. Congrats to the in-laws
4. I cannot BELIEVE August is almost over. So wrong