Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hot topic

Here I sit, on a beach towel, with my arm resting on a tea towel. No, I didn't just win a laptop to take to the pool, yes, it's way way too hot, and my computer happens to be in a room without a window unit, or portable air conditioner. I'm using the beach towel to keep me away from the chair's harshness and the tea towel to keep me from sweating all over the desk. I do have the ceiling fan, but my happy thang is running out fast; it just ain't enough.

Yes, I could go downstairs, where it's actually quite comfortable, but--I'm tired of being there. So, let me tell you about my latest book--

(I always start with a picture)

This novel, Vernon God Little, by DBC Pierre, is some of the wackiest, darkest comedy I've ever come across, not that I'm a humor expert, or anything. It satires life in a central Texan town, the media, and many types of human beings we all know. It's told in first person by Vernon Gregory Little, with his ever so interesting vocabulary and twang, and the reader gets to see him grow up while wrestling with a personal nightmare.

When Vernon's best friend, a depressed outcast in school, randomly shoots sixteen of his classmates and then turns the gun on himself, Vernon is left in the wrong place at the wrong time and is accused as being an accessory to these murders. There really is no case against Vernon, or so you'd think, in a town where people are reasonable and reasonably bright, but unfortunately, this town is filled with people who are just plain ole stupid. This is a cliffhanger of a story that you'll want to keep reading, and there's lots of laughter, too.

I learned a new word, or term, too. It's pumpjack. (That's the learnin' I made.)

(There's usually a second picture)

Oh, I remember seeing these things! When I was quite young, and my family traveled by car across Texas, I imagined that these things were little people with very broad shoulders carrying buckets across the field. I was glad that we were moving.

Well, dammit, the sweatin's gettin' outta hand, here.

We'll just let that picture stand all by itself...Keep cool, y'all!


TLP said...

Great post. I wanta read that book. Gimme.

It is hotter than H*ll. The only time I left the house today was to change the water in the bird bath early this morning.

Doug said...

Fount TBR?

actonbell said...

I'll make sure you git it, Ma:) You're so nice to the birdies

Ha, Doug, that's perfect.

Quack Birder said...

Sounds like a good one. I actually have time to read for a couple of months, too.

tsduff said...

I like those big pumpjacks - though I never knew that is what they are called. At the end of California's Salinas valley lies a mess of them. I like the ones with the big grasshopper antennae and faces painted on them.

Hope you cool off - and wow, that's some library bath you got there.

Together We Save said...

Sounds like a good one... hot here too!!

Nessa said...

I wanna read it too. I blew up my Kindle last weekend. Just seized right up in the middle of a book. They sent me a new one but it took a couple of days because of the holiday. I was making boo-boo faces.

actonbell said...

Aral, that's great to hear. You deserve some down time!

Terry, I love the idea of painting them with faces:)

Oh, Nessa, that's brutal. It didn't occur to me that that could happen. You read so fast, it started smokin', huh? :) Glad you got your new one!

Bone said...

It's gotta be at least 15 degrees hotter upstairs in my apartment than downstairs. Unfortunately, my bedroom is upstairs.

Logophile said...