Sunday, June 06, 2010

Very productive...

I spend too much aimless time on the computer, which might not be much any better than watching too much TV. Along the way, though, I do learn stuff. Unfortunately, when Ekim (somewhat dryly) asks what I learned, it becomes obvious that I didn't retain anything. So, I'll make a list.

1. I didn't know about capybaras.
funny animal photos - Silly Man! Popsicles are for Giant Amphibious Rodents!
They are 100 pound rodents.

2. I didn't know about the North Pacific Gyre, or The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Ew! That's really sad.
I accidentally uploaded the wrong image, but then decided: what the heck? I didn't know about that other thing, either.

3. There is a braille edition of Playboy. Obviously, it's all about the articles.

4. There is a type of parrot in New Zealand called a Kea. They enjoy messing with people's cars, and eating the rubber off windows.

That's just weird.

5. If you still have a calendar from 1999 that you really liked a lot, you can reuse it this year. And again in 2021. Check it out over there. Ekim sez, there are only 14 combinations, and um, I believe him. (He's flyin' by the seat of his pants, multiplying 7 days of the week by 2, since it's either a leap year or not a leap year. Sounds good to me.) So, if you wanna be really really cheap with your calendar dollars, you could've stopped buying them a long time ago.


Nessa said...

That capybara is creepy.

You could start a new green trend with the calendars.

Doug said...

So, in a manner of speaking I'm only three or four 2010s old. I think I'll go play kick ball.

actonbell said...

I agree, Nessa, it looks like it might have sharp teeth AND nails and I don't want it sitting on my lap if it weighs 100 pounds.

Ah, Doug, good point! I have a perfectly good hula hoop.

TLP said...

Pretty funny post. Funny as in LOL, not strange. Loved it.

Actually capybaras are very gentle. They supposedly taste like pork.

I watch a lot of the Animal Planet Channel stuff. Tell the SIL that I learn a lot watching TV.

DO NOT tell your father about the calendar stuff. He likes to save old calendars for the pictures. He doesn't need another excuse.

actonbell said...

Ha, ew, Mom, I know you wouldn't eat a rodent:)

Logophile said...

I scribble on my calendars too much for. I'd show up for appointments in buildings that don't even exist any longer. I suffer enough temporal confusion without complicating matters by reusing calendars.
I had a raucous chatpal from NZ who used the screen name Kea which the only reason I knew about that bit of trivia via the internet too.

Oh, there is a really cool kids' story called Capyboppy. It's about a family that raised a capybara. My Things loved it.

I had no idea about the braille Playboy. I suspect you are right though, that version really IS about the articles.

actonbell said...

Logo: Really, she chose Kea for a name? That's interesting. And I agree about the calendars, I mark on them way too much.

Bone said...

This post made me think of Cliff Clavin and his litte known facts.

The giant rodent made me think of this movie I unintentionally saw one time about these scary giant rabbits. (It was called Night Of The Lepus, I had to look it up.)

Quack Birder said...

Who knew? Love the big ol' rodent!

tsduff said...

The giant guinea piggy is scary.

actonbell said...

Oh, Bone, I forgot about hime!

Lara, you have an eye for good stuff.

Terry, I sort of agree. They must be pretty gentle, though.