Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Good luck in June, everyone! Go ahead, stand up and yell 'rabbit, rabbit,' no one will care. Stand up for your right to self-expression and happiness.
Mom and I walked around the Artsfest this weekend, and I elect Nguyen's Chi Art as the most amazing thing I saw; as I was walking up to their booth, I took for granted that these were oil paintings but alas, they are not. This is needlework!! I've never seen anything like this.
Today is Oscar the Grouch's birthday. That was random, I know. But really, there's not much to write about over here.


Logophile said...

rabbit, rabbit!

Needlework?? That sounds absolutely amazing.
I was unaware of the birhtday thing, makes sense he would share a month with my sister
jk, jk
I'm off to take dad on another round of dr. appts.
Good times

actonbell said...

{{Logo}} Have an optimal time...thinking of you:)

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Amazing needlework.

Happy B-day, Oscar.

I need a beer.

Jocelyn said...

I just got my online gradebook in place for summer classes, which start tomorrow. That's what I've been up to.

Now: a big iced latte beckons.

tsduff said...

Tibbar Tibbar

I love your enthusiasm hon. I felt it all the way out here to the west coast where it is much appreciated :) Standing up now - trying not to wake the sleeping household RABBIT RABBIT!

Amazing art by Nguyen - thanks for sharing that!

TLP said...

How did I miss stopping by to say Rabbit Rabbit???

It was tons of fun with you at the Artsfest. I agree that the needlework was amazing! I'm still thinking about those BIG bells however.

TLP said...

We're calling it needlework, but it's really "threadwork." So fine and small. Truly wonderful.