Thursday, June 03, 2010


Yesterday, our assistant manager went around handing out pretty scrolls to everyone that were wrapped in purple ribbon with cute lavender cloth flowers. We all opened these unusual looking missives, curious about what lay within. I won't keep you in suspense--

You are invited
To our joint MANDATORY branch meeting
located at
Dress is casual and comfortable (but tasteful)
Tuesday, June 8th
6:30pm to 7:30pm

Special guests will be (back office bigwig1) and (back office bigwig2)

Gee, doesn't this sound like fun?

In other news, this area of Pennsylvania had a 2.9 magnitude earthquake this morning, around 8:25am. I didn't feel it, but people told me about it. Pretty unusual--sinkholes galore, but earthquakes? Near Palmyra, a sinkhole actually swallowed a fairly large house a few years back. There's even a place called Sinkhole Saloon on Route 422.

June 4th is Cheese Day. It's something most people can celebrate with joy without necessarily being out of their element.

Oh, but go ahead, get out of your element. It might be fun...


TLP said...

If you weren't wrapped in purple ribbon with cute lavender cloth flowers did you still get an invite?

I love cheese, and I have plenty of cheese so I'm good to go for tomorrow. You might even say that I'm cheesey.

I didn't feel the quake. I miss everything that's fun.

Doug said...

I bet they're converting to a bordello.

Nessa said...

I think it is just wrong to fool you like that.

My daughter was living in Palmyra last summer.

I felt the earth move but I don't think it was a quake (sorry, I could not resist.)

actonbell said...

Aw, Mom, it wasn't much, anyway...

Bordello, Doug? :)

That crossed my mind too, Nessa:)

Bone said...

Loved the element (or is it Element?) joke.

And I LOVE CHEEEEEESE. Cheese on sandwiches, cheese in soup, cheese for a snack. I think I pretty much celebrate cheese day every day.