Tuesday, May 11, 2010

pleasant dreams

What a rainy day! Good thing I actually got enough sleep last night, despite all those crazy squirrels running around on top of the roof. What were they doing, up there? In the nighttime? Making such a ruckus? And yes, they were squirrels, I know it. No, I didn't go out and check. What else would they be? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question. (Had to hit spell check for that, sometimes I draw a blank. )

Anyway, as I was saying, it was a boring day, so it's a good thing I wasn't already overly sleepy. Still, boring is boring, and you get to thinking about random stuff, like why's that young man wearing such an insulting and stupid tee shirt, the one that says, my invisible friend doesn't like you, either, instead of something lighter and funnier, like maybe, my invisible friend thinks you're hot, but I'm keepin' him under control, or something like that. Perhaps young people don't read such long sentences anymore. Ooops, was that insulting?

While I'm sitting in the drive-thru, being all bored, a manager at the fast food place next door is having quite the frantic day. He ran across the parking lot for--rubber bands. Then, he ran over to trade his bills for fives, then again for quarters. I got a laugh over the rubber bands. It reminded me of that the other day, when a young lady entered the lobby when I was out there, but didn't have a banking transaction, oh no, she needed--a plastic bag and a restroom. I couldn't help wondering why she didn't just go next door to the supermarket--they got oodles of plastic bags over there. And a better restroom than we do. But, whatever. LocalBank: your one-stop headquarters for plastic bags, random office supplies, and pitstops. We'll even throw small amounts of trash away for you and fax stuff, but don't tell everyone, or we'll be overwhelmed. And our fax machine sucks.

I have a day off tomorrow, which will feel good after six days in a row, though I am pretty much stuck at home, waiting for the water meter person, but that's okay. I got stuff to read, stuff to watch, music to record--important stuff to do! Well, that and really yucky mundane stuff that has to be done.

I'll try to put my toys away when I'm finished, though. If Ekim comes home to the sight we saw at one Ocean City shop, I am so in trouble.


Ariel the Thief said...

I don't want to know why she needed the plastic bag... When I was around 12 or so, I figured being friendly and positive is not cool, and I tried to walk around with a Clint Eastwood face.

Doug said...

I could live in that bookstore.

Haha, Ariel.

Actonbell, I know you didn't ask, but I'm afraid it sounds like you have woodleeches.

Logophile said...

At least it wasn't rats,
or leopards.

I shall make a point of requesting plastic bags next time I got to the bank, for the sole purpose of reporting my findings online.

that book store?
I hope it's one of those places with comfy chairs. If you are going to be THAT informal you should at least be welcoming and comfortable.

JAllgood said...

What?! Rubberbands/plastic bags from a bank...never would have thought of that! Guess I think too much in the box?

I could spenc hours in that book store...
Good to see a post from you!

TLP said...

I don't know why the squirrels had insomnia on your roof, but I agree that's what they were. Ekim should check to see if they've gotten into the attic as well.

I love your version of a tee-shirt message! Good job.

Jocelyn said...

I have relatives whose staircase looks just like that last photo there--littered with stacks of books.

It endears them to me.