Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning, or whatever

It's often a good morning, actually. The challenge is to keep it that way. I'm finally back to doing my normal run again and feeling a bit better. I'm not back to normal in terms of stamina and so on yet, but the experience is slowly getting easier.

Serena continues to haunt the house, and it's especially weird to be reading without her. After an hour or so of reading, I'll reach for my bookmark and have trouble locating it. It used to always be under a furry belly. Cats love to put as much stuff between their bodies and the center of the earth as possible. In the wee hours of the morning, I've had the most vivid dreams of Serena walking back and forth over me, sometimes pausing to nudge me. My brain hasn't adjusted to her absence, so it's creating these very real hallucinations.

However, summer is coming, and I'll be spending more time reading outside. I recently obtained a snazzy pair of sunglasses that are bifocals, with a small reading lens on the bottom. How convenient! Don't I think of everything? (smirk)

Putting on shorts is not something I ever look forward to, but I'm determined to be comfortable. Actually, I've been looking for leg makeup on and off for years to at least hide my stupid spider veins. Finally, there are now a couple products out there, obviously fueled by the demand for covering up tattoos, now that so many of the younger set have them in places that are not kosher for the work environment. I'm using Dermablend, and like it very much.

Oh, no, am I getting caught up in the fake trend? How easily things rub off on me. I'll try not to get too plastic. One of my young coworkers, who I will nickname Flawless, complains that people are always asking her things like, "Are you--Spanish, maybe?" or, "Are those tinted contacts?" Someone in her boyfriend's family saw a picture of her and asked, "Does she have fake boobs?"
Some inappropriate questions, and she finds it disturbing. "Do I just reek FAKE?" she (rhetorically) asks. I cluck sympathetically.

Well, she's only nineteen, and she tans regularly, she colors her hair, she whitens her teeth, and she wears makeup that I can see from across the room. I would call her "madeup" looking, or very polished, and I suppose some people wonder how far that goes (which is absolutely no one's business). Really, though, her habits are not at all unusual. She's just very, very consistent with all her touches, she's good at it, and she's already good-looking, anyway.

Meanwhile, the tellers in the back are arguing over who has the longest hair. Well, the new teller does, but Vonster loudly protests that she's just part-time, so she doesn't count. Quick rule, on the fly. Excuse me, I say, I need to open my coin vault...when I get up, Vonster is insisting that Irish people wear their wedding bands on their right hands, and Seasonal is protesting, "Vonster, you don't know, you're not even any part Irish." Such stimulating conversation.

Still, though, I find myself googling this. It seems that the traditional Irish Claddagh ring can be an engagement ring worn on the right hand, and that when one gets married, it's shifted to the left hand...but I don't know if that's a definitive answer.

Today was so boring, I almost fell asleep over lunch while I was trying to read. Oh, that reminds me, someone in my book group forwarded this intriguing article about Steig Larsson, the author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who played with Fire, and the soon to be released The Girl Who Kick the Hornet's Nest. Speaking of definitive judgements.

See the only way to wake me up sometimes is to move my cheese, the way the polling volunteers did this past Tuesday. I've been voting in the same place for years and years, so when I walked into this familiar room, I was so obviously taken by surprise that I gave a few of these folks a belly laugh. One of the volunteers explained, "when we were sitting on the other side of the room, the air-conditioning kept hitting us full-force on our backs. So, we flipped-flopped the whole affair." I'm glad they are more comfortable now, and hope this new arrangement resulted in much laughter and rejoicing. Good knows their job that day was boring enough. I hope they weren't nodding off, without that air-conditioner to annoy them.


Amy said...

Bifocal sunglasses rock. I love mine.

Dermablend, hmmm...may have to look into that. I have too many spider veins too. I don't consider myself overly vain (no pun intended), don't color my hair anymore, rarely wear makeup, but the veins bug me.

TLP said...

Just as you see young people who worry that they don't look good enough, I see YOU, a young person, worried about spider veins that I can't see. And you know, I have far better eyes than just about anyone you know. (Nature had to give me one good thing.)

Doug said...

Would dermablend work if I combed it in to make me look bald?

actonbell said...

Amy, I agree--I'm not all that into the makeup thing, but this just made me happy (?)

Thanks, Mom:)

Hahaha, Doug.

Ariel the Thief said...

I know the feeling when you believe that your look is perfectly unacceptable the way it is, finally I am lucky I've never had the money to have done all the things on me I thought should have been done. One good thing in the Muslim women's wearing long coat is that you are totally free of the concern of what society thinks of body. :)