Friday, May 28, 2010

I give up...

How would YOU have captioned this?

Woohoo! Long weekend! I don't go back to work 'til June 2nd. Oh, man, that was a missed opportunity to say, 'see ya next month!'

Too many exclamation points make a gal look ignorant. Bad habit. What am I doing with my time off? Well, tomorrow I hope to lounge around and read, then watch, Capitalism: A Love Story with Ekim, who hasn't see it yet. (I did, he didn't, cuz he didn't step out with me and some friends for reasons I forget, but I'm looking forward to seeing it again). (Loved the part with the toilet-flushing kitty). (Just kidding). (BUI, again, sorry).

On Sunday, I hope to do more lazing around (maybe I'll vacuum or do something else worthy of my keep, if I'm a good girl), and then we'll go see the subtitled version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Heck, if our coupon is good enough, we may buy the last book in Stieg Larson's series. After working for a bookclub for so many years, it's hard to slap oneself into the reality of what books actually cost.

On Monday, we'll visit Ekim's parents, but generally do more lazing around. On Tuesday, I'll have my car inspected in a place with a nice waiting room to laze around in and read.

What a full weekend! I can hardly wait, especially after today. Memorial Day Weekend-Eve was a workout at work. Which reminds me, I'm about to keel over. What am I doing here?

Good night, everyone. Have a glorious weekend:)


TLP said...

Of course I had to call you and add to your busy weekend. Had fun with you at the Arts Fest today! Thanks for coming out with me.

Logophile said...

Lazing sounds lovely.
My honey is doing a little home improvement project and that means NO ONE gets to relax.

tsduff said...

You weekend sounds great - I'm lazing mine away here at home with my sweetie. It's nice. So great that you got to spend time with your Ma - wish I could do that.

Karen said...

Rabbit, rabbit!