Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tomorrow's a Big Day for Some People

Tomorrow is the day the Pulitzer Prizes will be announced. I pay most attention to the fiction writers, to state the obvious, and it's always frustrating not to even know which books are being considered; there is no pre-announced shortlist for the Pulitzer Prizes.

Joyce Carol Oates has been nominated three times in the past, but never won. She does have a 2009 short story collection, Dear Husband, that is eligible. But then, so does John Updike (My Father's Tears: And Other Stories).

I've googled and googled the buzz, but the predictions are scarce and all so different, and sometimes people forget that the winner must be a US citizen*, and that means that Margaret Atwood is not a contender, as much as we adore her.

It seems that a book called Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann , is getting lots of predictions. It's already won The National Book Award. Lark & Termite, by Jayne Anne Phillips, also seems to be a popular one, but I must admit that I've never heard of it. LibraryThing predicts I'll love it.

So. This is pointless. I'll stop looking, because no one even really knows what's made the nomination list. We'll find that out tomorrow, too.

Speaking of Pulitzer Prize winners, Richard Russo was at the Hershey Library today, but this event wasn't reported until a couple days ago. Of course, I called to see if I could register, but was told that this dance card had been full for two weeks. Today's paper was still listing this event, along with the library's phone number, as if people could still waltz in. Rats, what a tease!

This is a gerbil.


*well, except in history and journalism, but it has to be all about US.


Doug said...

OK, this post might well have the funniest ending I've ever seen on a blog. I won't say what went where, things just took a turn for the untidy in Dougville.

Also: I have to figure out where my unfinished JCO book is. I was enjoying that.

Tom & Icy said...

John Updike died in Jan. 2009. He is just a ghost writer now. Is he still eligible?

Logophile said...

ok, best conclusion EVAH
Love it.
I've never really followed the Pulitzer Prizes but now that you bring it up I find myself curious.

TLP said...

Oh girl, you got me laughing!

This is a gerbil. Classic.

actonbell said...

Doug, I don't believe Dougville is ever untidy:) And I have a JCO book on the way which will prompty go to almost the top of Mt. TBR.

Ha, Tom, but he was eligible--all of the contenders were presented in 2009, and his book did come out posthumously.

Logo, it is a wellspring of interesting reads, but not the only one, of course.

Mom, I've had that pic for a long time, so this was gratuitous cute-gerbil-picture-trotting-out.