Friday, April 02, 2010


So, I got up this morning and actually did my leg-ups and sit-ups and played with the dumbbells and then went out riding on my bike. Since it is still a bit nippy out there in the morning, I went to pull out a sweat shirt or something, and noticed that there was that nice blue training jacket, with the Olympic rings on it. Mom bought it for me recently, but I haven't worn it yet. It was perfect.

So, I'm out riding my bike, and at some point, I notice something flapping in my peripheral vision. It's a price tag. How embarrassing! No one saw that, right? What a Minnie Pearl. I pulled it off, and--holy crap! I hope she got that on sale....

And I must apologize; I had no idea that all the stuff I had on my blog was causing it to come up slowly. *Blush*

Have you seen this blog, called Animals Behaving Badly? It's fascinating. I would not have believed that one dog could attack a car, destroying and completely removing a front bumper, but it's captured on camera. All the stories are entertaining. In Japan, there are cat cafes! Pay extra to sip tea among cats. These people are deprived.

It's a beautiful morning here on this Good Friday. Happy weekend!


Doug said...

They mentioned a dog eating a police car on Wait, wait...don't tell me. I blame your mother that you run around with the price tag flapping in the breeze.

Nessa said...

I feel on my ass a couple weeks ago on the slippery icy grass trying to get in my car. I jumped up and looked around to see if my neighbors were watching. More than likely, they were pointing while spewing their morning coffee.

Logophile said...

Oooh, if only the time existed to reassure you that your very petite faux pas is nothing, NOTHING compared to the extrodinary blunders and clumsy mishaps I have entertained friends and family with through the years.

A small glimpse;
"Hey, you're that girl who wiped out right under the ski lift!"

Animals Behaving Badly sounds like I need to check it out and don't feel bad about the load time. I loved that graphic of the library you were using A LOT.

TLP said...

I'm the one who is blushing! I didn't know there was a price tag on the jacket since I ordered it on line and never undid it.

LOL on the price! Nope. Wasn't on sale. Wear it in good health.

TLP said...

Just watched the Animals BB vid. Good grief!

tsduff said...

Tibbar Tibbar - hope your morning pricetag ride was fun after all. It's nice to read your blog again after I've been absent from blogger for a long time. Nice tidying up around here.