Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sidetracked. Again.

How long has this been here? Exactly where is it from? How old is it? Was it always that color? How many things can I find in this house that have no known origin?

Okay, this mat came from Kloster-Brauerei, somewhere in a city or town named Scheyern, Germany, but I only know that because I googled. Oh, and it was founded in 1119, just as the label says. I assume Kloster mean cloister, as in monkishly made. The only place I could find this particular mat was here. And from looking at this collection, the answer to one of those questions is yes, this mat was always off-color.

The above beermat is from Luzern, Switzerland, another brewery where monks enjoy good beer. And yes, there's a nice neat hole in the middle of the mat, to keep the bar from getting all dry and itchy in the winter or too sweaty in the summer. (There's a huge assortment of these over there.)

Anyone can plainly observe that I cannot take a clear picture. I can observe, with some regret, that all I've accomplished, really, is to make a mess all over the bar area, where every time I take all those coasters out of where they came from fewer and fewer of them seem to fit back into that space than the time before. This is never the intention, it's no one's intention to make a mess, ever. Entropy: It isn't what it used to be, and it's everywhere.

Back to my day off, and off to do what I meant to do...


TLP said...

Entropy. It never quits.

If I'd known that you had time on your hands, I'd have called to see if you wanted to do something.

JAllgood said...

No worries on the clear picture taking... I'm the same way. My picture taking abilities SUCK!

Karen said...

Hi Actonbell, did you get to do what you meant to do yet?

Hey there(again), TLP!

Hello JALLgood, but what do you mean? I think "WINDOW SHOPPING ON MAIN- SLC" should sell in no time at all.

Doug said...

Wherever mats and men are cloistered, a few will always stray.

JAllgood said...

Hello Karen-
I think my painting ability maybe just a bit better than my camera abilities...depending on your point of view. Thanks for the encouragement but no takers yet on the "WINDOW SHOPPING ON MAIN- SLC".

Doug- I think a more than a few men would stray...but that could just be my female point of view.

Anonymous said...

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