Thursday, April 01, 2010

I got the boot

...literally. I visited a podiatrist with a foot complaint that's been getting worse over a period of time, expecting a prescription or, perhaps, the dreaded cortosone shot. Instead, she x-rayed my foot and found a fracture. This contraption, which looks like a ski boot, is supposed to stay on for four weeks! Well, I've meant to do a better job of crosstraining, so I suppose that will finally happen. I'll try to make the best of a revoltin' development.

I'm going to feel really stupid and clumsy in this thing, but--at least now that the weather's getting nice, I won't be slipping on any ice, and my foot won't get cold. And I'm pretty sure I can ride my bike around the neighborhood.

And yes, I did clean up my template, which I felt was getting too busy. Now that my virtual stuff is cleaned up, perhaps I'll work on the REAL clutter.


Doug said...

It feels clean here, like a brand new boot that never comes off for almost a month.

TLP said...

You poor baby! And you've been on that foot with it hurting all this time. Boo.

I like the new template. The old one sometimes caused problems for me in opening your blog.

Tom & Icy said...

It looks much nicer and loads a whole lot better now. Take care of that foot, it could give you problems when you get old like it did Dusty Doggy and Icy, both were hit in the leg by a car.

Nessa said...

It will hurt the other person more when you kick them. (You have to look for the bright side in these things.)

I like the simpler look. Very nice.

Uh, way to sneak back in Tom. Did you think we wouldn't notice?

Logophile said...

A fracture??

I really do like the quicker loading of the page but I might miss that lovely library a bit.

I need to do some spring cleaning too so I would appreciate if you would STOP BRINGING IT UP

Bone said...

The foot is the single most neglected part of the body. I don't have any evidence to back that up, but thought it sounded good.

Hope you get all healed up soon.