Monday, April 26, 2010

How I spent my week off

We (Ekim and I) just got back from a short trip to Ocean City, Maryland, where we haven't been for over a decade. It was astonishing how much about the area hasn't changed at all: the same restaurants, hotels, even most of the same shops.

Because of my unfortunate foot problem, we took my bike along so that I could go tooling around in the morning, to replace the emptiness of not being able to run down the wonderful boardwalk. And I did! I located Hitch Apartments, down around 4th Street, where my family stayed several years in a row, and discovered some fabulous homes that would be marvels anywhere, not just because they happen to be sitting on the quiet bay a couple blocks from the boardwalk. It seems everytime we leave home, we end up noticing and pondering the willy nilly distribution of wealth on this planet.

Anyway, Lilly has been such a good girl, she deserved this trip. She was the only POB (personally owned bike) at our hotel, being that it was only April'n'all. My follow-up doctor's appointment is today, and I'm hoping for good news, but I will try not to neglect Lilly.

At this time of year, most of the restaurants are only open on weekends, so when we got there on Thursday night, we simply got a pizza and some beer and did something rather unusual for us: we watched TV. Specifically, we had our first-ever experience with The Office and 30 Rock. The pizza was really good. These shows--not so much. Did we hit a bad night, or has Mad Men spoiled and dazzled me with too much perfection?

Anyway, we had remarkably nice weather and happened to hit the weekend of a kite expo, which means party at The Kite Loft!

There were whole teams of kite fliers, doing formations. I'd never seen anything like this before. It's hard to capture in pictures, but it was fun to watch. The puzzling thing is, you know their strings have to be tangled together! How do they do this??

They were also landing and taking off one by one, like Rockette dancers, or something.

Teamwork! There's some remarkable cooperation and choreography goin' on out there.


p.s. Thank you for the condolences on Serena's death. They were very appreciated.


TLP said...

Glad you had such a good time. Has it really been that long since you went to OC Maryland? Your Dad and I have been there a couple of times in the last 10 years. It does stay remarkably the same. That's because it's always been almost entirely family-owned. Of course the big places there now are not family-owned.

We still love it, but of course, it's not the same without you kids with us. Those were the days.

The Office and 30 Rock are huge hits. We don't like them at all. In their defense, they are an acquired taste and have to be watched more than once to "get it." Dad and I don't think they're worth that bother.

Logophile said...

I miss Seinfeld. Haven't seen Mad Men though, might have to check that one.

Ocean City sounds amazing. I occasionally think I'd like to ride a bike more and then I look at the enormous hill I live on and realize I'd never be able to get home from anywhere...
oh well

Jocelyn said...

What a great getaway! I am sooo glad you have Lilly for, er, physical therapy.

I love MAD MEN...but I also think 30 Rock is hilarious--brilliant. I do think you have to watch several episodes and let it build and catch you with its rhythm, though. I can't watch the American THE OFFICE, as I was soooo in love with the British original version.

Doug said...

Not to get journalistic on you, but I've read about an Ocean City trip once during the blogging era which dates from 2005 in my calendar. Was that a post about an older trip?

actonbell said...

Mom, it's still a happenin' place, and we did luck out on the weather.

Logo, I agree, riding a bike uphill is entirely no fun. Much easier to run up!

Jocelyn, 30 Rock would probably grow on me, since all the people are so good.

Doug, that was Sea Isle City, NJ, which is a much different place. Not that you can tell the difference from the pictures. Sea Isle (which used to be referred to as Senile City by the teens) is much more residential, quieter. Actually, 2005 might be the last time we were there.

Karen said...

It's always sad when a favorite pet passes. When I was little we had this huge grey cat named Sam. My younger brothers and sisters would torment him by chewing on his tail and just generally annoying him as well they could. I can't remember why my parents put him to sleep but I still remember all of us kids crying our eyes out in the Vet's waiting room.

I'm sure Serena and Sam are chasing each other's tails in Cat Heaven!

Karen said...

Also, when we were kids we vacationed one time in Lavalette, New Jersey. It's not quite as fashionable as Cape May, but Long Beach Island is easier to get to from downstate New York.

Anyway, we loved the boardwalk. The Salt Water Taffy was a treat as were the carnival rides at Casino Pier.

One of those days, my Dad yelled at me for getting the worst sunburn I ever had in my life.

Karen said...

For a couple of years we went to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. There was an ice cream shoppe that had huge soft vanilla ice cream cones WITH that stuff that coats the ice cream (strawberry-flavored) for 25 cents a cone.

In the the back of the ice cream shoppe was a vintage comic book library. We spent hours looking at comic books instead of getting sunburned.

One day we went deep-sea fishing but our boat didn't catch anything but dogfish. We had to buy another boat's Cod so we could have fish for dinner that night.

But my Mom is a horrible cook so we just should have had hot dogs or hamburgers instead.

actonbell said...

Hotdogs, Karen? LOL! And you need a blog:)

Doug said...

Ah, right. Maybe there was a reference in that post to Ocean City?

Karen said...

This is a coincidence! I've just started a blog named Twitter Diaria 2010. It's about tweets.

actonbell said...

Doug, I meant to say earlier, that you have an amazing memory. There probably was some mention of OC in that post. The fact that you remembered a shore visit in 2005 is dazzling.

That's great, Karen:)

Karen said...

Thanks, actonbell. It's really just for kicks and giggles though. Flipside Florida is the main site.

Your Mom has visited, as has Douglas and Tom & Icy.

I just posted "Five ways JazzFest & Disney World are alike". Why don't you stop by for a visit?

TLP said...

Doug may be mixing memories. I posted on Friday, October 20, 2006, about going to OC MD, and even about the Kite Loft.