Saturday, March 20, 2010

imma be peelin' my brains

Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be

Imma be on the next level
Imma be rockin over that bass treble
Imma be chillin with my mutha mutha crew
Imma be makin all them deals you wanna do (hah)
Imma be up in that maylist flicks
Doin 100 flips, and imma be
Sippin on drinks cause
Imma be shakin my hips
You gon be lickin your lips
Imma be takin them pics
Lookin all fly and shit
Imma be the flyest chick (so fly)
Imma be spreadin my wings
Imma be doin my thing (do it do it - okayy)

This is only about half the--song? but you get the idea. It's an occupational hazard involved in working with people whose parents are younger than yourself. I don't want to call this an ear worm because it's not bein' a melody. imma be havin' nuthin' against the Black Eyed Peas--and yet.

imma be curin' my head on this luscious day with The Shins, Elvis Costello, and Countin' Crows. We's a gonna find a perfect place where I can attempt a 10-miler for the first time in years. imma be hurtin' for sure.


Nessa said...

imma be wishin youse good luck

1st Day of Spring!

TLP said...

Imma be sick! I had no idea you had to listen to that crap! But. They can't be playing that stuff where customers can hear it. Can they???

Good luck with the 10-miler. Your mother says "that's too much." But you know her.

actonbell said...

Thank you, Nessa!

Mom, I spent most of this past week in the drive-thru, where it's okay to play the radio, as long as the back-office brass aren't around. And that 10 miler was too much:)

Logophile said...

bleck, I am not a BEPs fan. I'd need a Shins antidote as well.

You are so brave to even attempt 10 miles, I am impressed.

Doug said...

That sounds better. When you get back to Lead Belly, you can pick me up.

Bone said...

LOVE Counting Crows! The group, not the activity. Though I suppose it could be relaxing.

Good luck with your run.