Sunday, February 07, 2010

Simple Things

Vanessa ofChrysalis Stage fame has kindly brought attention to Enchanted Oak's blog posting, and I will follow suit and quote it:

Today and Sunday, I’d like to celebrate the simple pleasures of life with you. For each person who participates with a list, a poem, or a prose piece about the joy of simple things, my family will donate $2.00 to Heartline Ministries for their medical clinic and other programs in Haiti. The Heartline Ministries blog by John McHoul will tell you more about what they are doing.
Post your piece this weekend and include a link to my blog. Then pop in here to say you’ve posted your “Simple Things.” Post by midnight, Pacific time, Sunday, and don’t forget to link with me and notify me that you’ve posted. You can borrow the “Simple Things” photo. If you don’t have a blog, a comment on my blog will count too if you tell me so.
Let’s keep those blessings flowing.

Here are some of my simple things:

1. An evening among friends and family, sharing food and drink

2. An afternoon at the movies

3. A cold beer

4. Good health; no headaches, flu, or sore throat

5. Music, all kinds of music

6. Good reading, such as novels and the Sunday paper

7. Being warm

8. Sunshine

9. Snow throwers (I have bad memories of all that shoveling)

10. Spare time!

SuperBowl Sunday seems to have become a bonafide national holiday, so I hope everyone has the spare time tonight to get together with family and/or friends and enjoy what should be one of the most simple of pleasures, good company. And food. These are moments to be savored and to feel grateful for.


Enchanted Oak said...

Dear one, there is so much vigor and enthusiasm for life in this post, I'm happy just reading the list. I feel like eating and drinking and laughing and reading and everything you mention except the snow thrower. Glad you have one though. Thank you for participating! We're getting close to $200 for Haiti!

Doug said...

Not Collateralized Debt Obligations? Where's your sense of romance?

Nessa said...

Such a lovely list.

I don't usually drink beer, but I had a Yuengling the other day and it was yummy.

I participate in football things just for the company. A football room is a happy room (even with all of the yelling and cursing.)

The Simple Things Challenge

Brian Miller said...

great list! time with it!

TLP said...

I love your list. I was telling your Dad yesterday that I'm grateful for heat, shelter, electric power, and plenty of food. Today I'm thinking that I'd be even more grateful if it doesn't snow again this winter. See? I never have enough.

TLP said...

Today I'm starting to feel a lot of gratitude about tomorrow being Fastnaught Day!

Fred said...

Like Neesa, I have the occasional Yuengling, especially since it's brewed here in Tampa.

Love the list, especially #3!