Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost Wednesday

Almost Wednesday, again! Nothingness fills my time thickly and completely. It was a boring day, and much of the time was spent in solitude, yet I cannot remember what filled my thoughts, all that time. At one point, I was trying to remember how this novel that I am rereading ended, but couldn't. That's funny. When I got home and finally got to the end (again), it was just vaguely familiar.

I was just beginning to run longer distances again before the snow came down. Since then, I've been pounding the treadmill, even discovered a good interval training routine, but--it's just too hard to stay on a treadmill for more than 5 or 6 miles. Blek. And outside is so uninviting; the footing is patchy, the shoulders narrow in spots, and timing is crucial around here, when it comes to traffic and lighting. I'm determined to get a good, longer run in tomorrow, because we're expecting more snow on Thursday!

Did I mention how sick I am of snow? I'm sick of snow. I am sick. of. snow. At this point, I'm not even all that annoyed at the cold, because I'm too busy being pissed off at the snow.

And speaking of nothingness filling the void of my time, which I hold as precious, especially the free part of it, I should stop staring at this blank screen trying to remember what I wanted to say, and just--go to bed. Yeah, go to bed, and get up reasonably early and get that run in. That'd probably feel really good, since one symptom of cabin fever, for me, is body aches from being prone too long. Seriously, the cat thinks I'm part of the futon.

Good night, and happy Wednesday.


Tom & Icy said...

We need rain to wash that nasty looking snow away and clean up the landscape.

Doug said...

Yeah, Icy, then some sun to clean off the futon. Still, after a decade in Southern California, to paraphrase Hurston, clouds at a distance hold my every wish on board. Some precipitate and some sail dryly over the horizon.

actonbell said...

Tom, a clean up would be nice.
LOL, Doug:)

Nessa said...

Unfortunately, Dame Weather is smacking us around again today. Really, another foot? Really?

RnPB Chapter 012

actonbell said...

Nessa, *sigh* We didn't get much more snow, but the wind was brutal, and the drifting, in places, was punishment.

Jocelyn said...

Just as you feel now, I felt a few weeks ago...and then we've had this stretch of sunny days, and suddenly ice is turning to slush, and then nothingness feels like hope--and it WILL happen, if only you can find a good book to pull your head in for a few more weeks, 'til better weather arrives. I can recommend WOLF HALL.

TLP said...

I just love the way you write. Seriously.