Friday, January 01, 2010

What time is it, and what is going on?

Ekim and I were out shopping, and when we got up to the cashier, I noticed that she was wearing the very same pink flamingo pajamas I was wearing! After we both giggled over this, she left us briefly to get us a gift box for our purchase. When she came back, though, I realized that her pink flamingo pajamas were nothing like mine, not at all, but I didn't say anything. Purchase in hand, we left the store and continued down the mall, and as we walked, I thought I heard rain. Looking out the windows near the food court, I saw that the ocean was very choppy and that it was indeed raining. I got very sleepy during the drive home, and dreamed that I was sleeping on a raft somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. It was most certainly the choppiness of the ocean that inspired such a dream.


Doug said...

Big canoe, huh?

TLP said...

LOL. That was some dream! You had me there for a minute. I mean, some people do go out in PJ's these days....I thought, That Sharyl. Of course, you'd never do such a thing.