Saturday, January 09, 2010

Getting into it...

Why do I feel that this year has gotten off to a lackluster start? Perhaps it's the extreme cold and that period of miserable wind we had for so long that made going outdoors such a dreaded need, instead of a pleasure.

There was an intriguing program on PBS the other night about what makes people happy and I caught most of the middle of it. The presenter cited evidence that people are generally very adaptable to situations they can't control, some of them just horrible. He interviewed a man who'd spent about four years of his life as a prisoner of war, and this man described how he'd lived in his head and communicated with other prisoners by means of what seemed to me a very complicated morse-code variation, tapped out on his wall. He'd imagined, in detail, the house he would build for his family one day, and when he finally gained his freedom again, he made this house a reality. Many other people have adapted to bodies severely handicapped by accidents and illness by finding purpose and meaning in their new, different lives.

And then, behold the rest of us--we who are not incarcerated in any way, we who have not lost an unexpected amount of command over our bodies--who are often bored and depressed. Why? It appears that if we see our problems as something that can be fixed, then we will never be truly content. And if we take an objective look at what comprises our problems, we might be able to whittle them down by changing our attitudes. Just change your mind! It sounds so simple. It may also be that some of us lack the mother of invention: a serious problem, something to light a fire under our--butts.

Hey, you, get up! (Follow you ears.)

I haven't been reading much, but this week's running log is longer, so perhaps I will make myself happy by losing those pounds that recently started hanging on me.

And then there's Pandora--why didn't I know about this before? Go over and whisper a favorite music artist or song in her ear, and she will channel that kind of music for you all day while you're surfing. Pretty cool.


Ms.L said...

oooooh running. I am jealous,we're covered up in snow but its melting so may be I can sneak one in!

That's really interesting about happiness. My husband is not adapable at all,and I am. Of the two of us,guess who's happy? :)
Yep,me. There really is something to it,neat to know!

Doug said...

My sister and brother-in-law told me about Pandora just before Christmas. I haven't tried it yet but maybe it can accompany the nap I seem to be circling. I have the power to use the next hour diligently. It is in my control. All I need to do is just stand up and

actonbell said...

Hi, Ms.L! I hope you do sneak that run in:)

LOL, Doug.

TLP said...

Real happiness is inside. Some have it, some don't. I'm a don't. But I do have good drugs.

Bone said...

I've often wondered along these lines. You see people like that who have such an amazing perspective on things. Then I think about how relatively easy I've had it, yet I still complain from time to time. Then I feel guilty. It's very therapeutic.

I am signed up for a race this weekend in Nashville. That's the only thing that's been motivating me to run.

Doug said...

Pandora is making me really happy right now.