Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bottoms up?

Tyrone drives up to the window with his biweekly paycheck, and Ludes waits on him. He always asks for 50 ones, and Ludes remarks, "he's goin' to the strip joints." I chuckle, say, "that'd never occur to me." But then today, Tyrone asks for just 25 ones. "Ah, he's cutting back, in these tough economic times." Ludes smiles politely. While Ludes is counting out ones, Wild comes back, avoiding an unpleasant customer in the lobby, and starts to decribe how full she's feeling after lunch, and how she feels like moving--Wild then commences to do these jumping jacks, up and down right there in the drive-thru, before noticing that Ludes does in fact have a customer right outside the window. She's not just counting her drawer. And Tyrone is, in fact, staring at Wild, as she's bouncing up and down in that rather tight red sweater with the zebra collar (I like that sweater). As Ludes looks down at him, Tyrone just says, "Damn." Wild races back to the break area, laughing, and this is the best laugh I've had all week. I tell Ludes that Tyrone might be cutting back, but he got that show for free.

I'm working a late shift, so when Ludes leaves, Belljar takes her place. "Um, there's no--drawer key," she says, looking resigned. Ludes took it with her, again. I have another chuckle, this time because I know Ludes already has a drawer key that belongs to the branch from which she just transferred. She keeps it as sort of a souvenir. I'm not joking, Ludes has actually told me that this drawer key makes her feel still connected to that branch, "like I always have a reason to go back." It's kinda sad and sweet. By the way, Ludes had to leave work early because her mom locked herself out of her car and was unable to take her husband/Ludes's father to his band's gig that night. I hope she doesn't secretly have her mother's car keys.

It's snowing! I figure Mom is on Grenada today, and I also suspect that it's--not snowing there. (Should've been a weather forecaster, rabbiting on all day about sunny periods and patches of--STOP, that's silly. Sorry.) Anyway, she'll be home in about four days, and I hope she's enjoying it. It would seem unavoidable, wouldn't it, but one of my young coworkers just got back from a cruise that she described as "okay." Young people, they've gotten so jaded. It's also possible that she did a lot more drinking than she's owning up to and just didn't see enough sunlight. I usually come back from a cruise with a little color, whether I mean to or not, but Marilyn does look simply miserable, with shocking stories about how crude and rude others were, how bitten up she got on a beach, and how the weather wasn't very warm. That's hard to believe; she must've slept through those days! Marilyn is not a good advert for Carnival, the cruiseline of choice for the young. I feel bad for her because she seems to have so much, but she's so unhappy. This trip was to be her happy time before those three dismal months with no driver's license (due to that nasty DUI night), and it seemed so lucky that she could still afford this, but then she managed to have a bad time.

Meanwhile, Ekim and I are decorating our permanent tree tonight. I love that recently-coined term. I don't miss going out in the cold and muddy to slay a tree, then fighting over whether or not it's standing straight enough, or which side's the best, or--anything. We put the Christmas Tent up, we get it over with, and then we sail away from the Christmas Season around here. One of our best traditions.

This picture is not here to suggest that we dance. Oh, no, nothing quite that extroverted, but we vacation in our own idiom, as I hope my mother is right now. I hope she's not dancing on any tables because it's dangerous. Definitely something I wouldn't do. But then, I've been known to hurt myself with my luggage, but I travel anyway.



Nessa said...

We have a permanent tree too. My parents still buy a murdered tree each year.

Santa Cartoon Riddle

Doug said...

I sure enjoy your work stories, and I really like the name "belljar." Very descriptive.

Happy permanent christmas tree!

I have to say, though, I kind of hope TLP is dancing on tables, but that the video never makes it to You Tube.

Jocelyn said...

I ADORE the co-worker stories--MORE, MORE!

And I envy sailing away for the hollydays. So envious.

Bone said...

I rather enjoyed these brief windows into your world.

I've never been on a cruise. When I was young, we actually had to get in the car and drive to a beach. With no AC, and no power steering.

OK, I just made up those last two.