Thursday, December 03, 2009


There seem to be some unusual noises emanating from Acton & Ekim's tonight. Ekim dropped the vacuum cleaner on his foot, Acton slammed her finger on a cabinet. Why do people do these things? One minute, a person has an object, say a vacuum cleaner, firmly in one hand, and the next, it's plummeting to the floor, and strikes the odd*, unfortunate foot, resulting in pain. One minute, a person may be putting objects, say dishes, into a cabinet, but the next, she's ramming her fingers into that cabinet instead, and the lack of aim results in pain.

Let's just hope that things don't escalate.

Some of the obstacles around the Acton-Ekim household are a challenge to negotiate without getting hurt, but they'll muddle through, somehow.

*It is an odd foot, let me tell you.


Doug said...

The rise of the machines? Already?

actonbell said...

yeah, I'm glad the grass won't need to be mowed again for awhile.

Nessa said...

Don't run with scissors.

Flash 55 - Love

Tom & Icy said...

I had a job where I did small maintenance jobs in a school and would constantly get scraped, stabbed, bumped and cut without realizing it at the time, but would sit down for a break and find dried blood and scabs on my arms and hands.