Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm positive

...about one thing: I must work until I retire, so off to work I go. One day at a time. Will try not to feel so grouchy, as I did yesterday. Won't go into why I was so grouchy, that'd be bor-ing. Stuff that can't be fixed must be endured. And it's just not that bad. The crapstorms just don't last that long.

And it's sunny out there, and there's always something to daydream about. Why, there's an intriguing scene over at Bing today. I had no idea that an area just over the bootheel in Italy, Puglio, could offer something so--different. Ah, taxes! One of the mothers of invention.

Feel free to color this is. OH! What's an idea...
Another thing I'm positive about is that I must leave NOW. See ya!


Doug said...

Have a better day. Maybe I can get my nephew to color Pooh.

Nessa said...

We should all be born wealthy.

Name That Christmas Song

Bone said...

I love coloring. I think I'd still do it if it were socially acceptable.