Sunday, November 29, 2009


This being the last weekend in November, the beginning of the holiday season, and a most sunny, pleasant day that just got better because Ekim actually went out and bought a wreath for our front door, I thought I'd better make note of it, for posterity.

And besides, my mom is having a birthday tomorrow, but she won't be here to celebrate it because she's leaving on her first-ever cruise with a good friend of hers! Woohoooooo! She's packing as I type, and trying not to get overly nervous and fussed up. Like that.

They will be on the Queen Mary 2, no less. I'm already impatient to hear about all about the antics these two will dream up! I hope Mom loves it. She certainly needs a vacation.


It's been a balmy November here, today got up to 62 degrees. And our ten-day forecast doesn't expect a single daytime high lower than 37 degrees. For early December, it doesn't get any better than this.

Mom's returning on December 10th, and hopefully it won't be too painful. Dare we wish for a mild December? Yes, yes we can!


Ariel the Thief said...
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Ariel the Thief said...

Hooooooooray for TLP!!! Have the most wonderful vacation! Now as for the staff of the Queen Mary 2... they don't know what is just coming their direction, do they?

TLP said...

Right Ariel. Those sailors. They'll never know what hit'em.

I'm very, very excited. I'll leave the house at 6:15 AM tomorrow. Daughter Della moved into our house tonight. She'll be taking care of Niks while I'm gone, helping him with the things he has trouble doing for himself, keeping him company. Like that.

Doug said...

Thank you for the warning, Actonbell. I'd have foolishly waited until tomorrow to wish my blogmama a happy birthday.

Poor Grenada thought Reagan was an invasion.

Marti said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!