Friday, November 13, 2009

someone has too much time on his hands...

Life in the drive-thru, where customers don't actually see us while talking on cell phones or smoking a whole field of tobacco (through a cloud darkly).

We had several plastic cups on the counter, one for rubber bands, one for paper clips, two for pens. We thought it was very neat looking, very orderly. We also had one of those vertical file-thingies for deposit and withdrawal slips. It was actually organized, surprisingly so for the fact that there were so many teenagers around.

Bigwigs came, said, "NO cups." We hid stuff. Hid paperclips, got a pretty basket for the pens.

Store Tour by Bigwigs: Vertical file-thingie has to go. Get facilities to make you another shelf under teller stations. Basket for pens is a no-go.

New pen caddies come out! They are very pretty, and eliminate the problem of where to put our pens. We each have one, and are using its lid to house paper money envelopes. We are all so organized and happy about this.

Temporary Assistant Store Manager visits drive-thru, confiscates one of our pen caddies. Only ONE in the drive-thru, she says, and it must be placed between the lollipops and the dog bones.

Bigwigs say: pen caddy lids are to be put under pens. Take paper money envelopes out of them right now.

Temporary Assistant Store Manager comes to drive-thru and once again moves our ONE pen caddy. It must be placed below the platform stand that displays the lollipops and dog treats to the customers, but make sure it's still between the lollipops and dog treats.


Stay tuned to learn how we deal with the money envelopes. It might be just as exciting.


Tom & Icy said...

You need utility belts like Batman.

Doug said...

I Wish I'd thought of that, Icy.

I do think it would be kind of fun to read your policy handbooks. Exactly one pen caddy shall be placed between the lolly basket and the bone basket. At no time shall the place between the lolly basket and bone basket contain any other object, exceot where otherwise permitted by a Temporary Adjustment Policy (TAP) such as the Hallowe'en Reconfiguration or by express consent from the home office. Cups will not be tolerated and no object is to be visible on either side of the Lolly Basket and Bone Basket, other than between them. Failure to comply with these principals renders both the franchise and the responsible party liable to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, frowning, scolding or corrective clucking. This policy is to be posted in a cup to the left of the bone nasket

Nessa said...

I bet if the "important" people weren't paid to worry about these "important" things, my bank fees wouldn't be so high.

Long Overdue

Bone said...


Just wow.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Doug and Icy! I think there would be no problem IF the policy handbook told the rule of such things. Democracy sucks.

It must be the effect of Waking Ambrose, while reading your post I was wishing I could hear it. I dunno how you do it, I loved to read about the papercups.

actonbell said...

A toolbelt! Good thinking, Tom. That would also keep my white shirt tucked in. (We wear uniforms, and that's another rule)

LOL, Doug! Nothing comes out on paper, the company's too cheap, and reading the handbook on PDF is a pain.

Probably, Nessa.

Yeah, Bone, it's--amazing.

Thanks, Ariel. One has got to laugh at such things. Meanwhile, we're getting a new head teller tomorrow whose reputation has preceded him as a nonconfrontational tattle-tale.
More fun!

Doug said...

I will start reading the obituaries when the phrase "nonconfrontational tattle-tale" can be found there. That made me laugh.

tsduff said...

Doggie treats? Lollipops? Hmm - banking has changed mucho since I was in that field. But no pen caddies? harrible... simply harrible.

TLP said...

OMG! This is so funny! So petty. What a crazy place.

And you manage to make it funny.

Logophile said...


That is insane, do they not know that it's insane?

Have you considered random acts of unauthorized organization as a form of protest, in secret, preferably at other teller's counters?